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Cde Langa

Office Richard Muponde Bulawayo
The location of the Zanu-PF’s annual National People’s Conference scheduled for South Matabeleland Province has yet to be decided as three venues have been proposed.

The Phelandaba Stadium in Gwanda, which a month ago hosted the South Matabeleland Presidential Youth Interface Gathering, was the favorite until recently, when two other possible venues, the grounds of the Central Mechanical Equipment Department (CMED ) and the grounds of the Matabeleland South Agricultural Show Society were nominated.

The party leadership has yet to choose one of the venues for the party’s annual Indaba. Zanu-PF’s Provincial Secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Jonathan Vakatsha Langa, said yesterday that the location could be confirmed at the next meeting of the Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC).

“There are three locations that have been proposed as possible venues for the annual Zanu-PF National People’s Conference in December,” he said. “We always take recommendations for the final venue.

“For the moment, it is not decided. However, this issue will be discussed at our next Provincial Coordinating Committee (PAC) meeting. Cde Langa said the party was on the ground, mobilizing resources to successfully host the conference.

“We are busy working with the seven administrative districts and party districts in the province to ensure that we mobilize and raise awareness around the event,” he said. “Resources are already coming in so that we can successfully organize the conference. “

On Monday, the party administration secretary, Cde Ignatius Chombo, revealed that the venue had not been decided. “The annual National People’s Conference takes place here,” he said. “We have been here twice to visit the Phelandaba stadium. However, we were advised that there would be one more location we should look into: the WCED grounds. We will look and see if it is appropriate to host the conference.

The National Political Commissioner, Cde Sauveur Kasukuwere, also revealed that 60 animals have already been donated for the event and are waiting to be collected.

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