vivo hosts a successful Vision + special press conference

Yanchun Xu delivers the speech at the press conference.

vivo joins forces with partners to recap their achievements in 2021, plan for 2022 and continue to transmit the “joy of humanity” with professional photography

vivo held the special 2021 VISION + press conference online on December 17, 2021, marking the resounding success of the 2021 VISION + project. During the press conference, vivo, in collaboration with partners such as ZEISS, National Geographic, FIRST International Film Festival (“FIRST IFF”) and Three Shadows Photography Art Center (“Three Shadows”), as well as 38 creators, have shared the achievements of the 2021 VISION + Project in human-centered practice and behind-the-scenes stories. vivo has invited 38 creators from around the world for the 2022 trip to encourage more people to document, express and share everyday life stories through images and to represent contemporary human-centered imagery.

“Inspiring more people to enjoy the joy of creation through technology is the human-centered vision and original aspiration of vivo, a brand with 400 million users worldwide,” said Yanchun Xu, Director general of vivo brand communication. “This year marks the second year of VISION +. We are honored to build a platform that promotes professional mobile imaging at this level; we are able to do this with our domestic and foreign partners, as well as with around 70,000 creators from all over the world. We were able to explore the charm of imagery and portray the authentic portrait of life in 2021. In the future, vivo will continue to improve our remarkable technology towards professional human-centered photography and will commit to deepen the partnership. with imaging partners. industry to strengthen the “Create Together” initiative.

At the press conference, Elaine Xu, ZEISS Greater China Communications and Public Relations Manager, expressed gratitude to all the creators participating in VISION + and praised the fruitful cooperation with vivo: “The amazing results of the VISION + project this year showed what is possible in smartphone photography… it has motivated us to continue providing consumers with more professional smartphone photography features.

Elaine Xu delivers her speech at the press conference.

Summary of the achievements of VISION + during the past year and description of the “joy of humanity” of the time with diverse images

The long-term brand project having been initiated by vivo in 2020, the VISION + 2021 project seized this opportunity to optimize according to the events organized in 2020. In addition to the VISION + Mobile PhotoAwards and the VISION + Short FilmAwards launched with National Geographic and FIRST IFF, VISION + 2021 also launched the VISION + Academy in 10 cities. It was about responding comprehensively to the public demand for image creation, motivating more people around the world to record the present moments and express their feelings with their smartphones.

VISION + 2021 project

The 2021 VISION + project successfully attracted around 70,000 creators from over 40 countries and regions, and was able to collect 384,878 photos and 3,160 short films. This fully interprets the image creation value advocated by vivo – focusing on the wonderful moments of our daily lives. To comprehensively recap the achievements of the VISION + 2021 project and present these touching pieces to the public, vivo worked with Three Shadows to host the major VISION + exhibition (“Exhibition”). Under the theme “Creating together, our 2021”, the exhibition brought together the reflections of creators on daily life and the moments present in 2021.

“These creators from different regions have documented their surroundings throughout this unique year, showcasing their original scenes from everyday life, as well as the diversity and possibilities of the images,” said RongRong, curator of vivo VISION + Grand Exhibition 2021 and co-founder of Three Shadows. “It is a privilege for us to plan and host this exhibition with vivo, to showcase these excellent mobile imaging pieces from the online exhibition to the physical exhibition, and to showcase the power and charm of the exhibition. mobile imaging to more people. “

Take a behind-the-scenes look at smartphone photography and experience the passion for creating mobile images

VISION + Mobile PhotoAwards 2021 and VISION + Short Short FilmAwards 2021 showcased diversity and inclusion. In terms of smartphone photography, the completely improved competition format and the composition of the VISION + Mobile PhotoAwards 2021 jury have inspired creators to expand their creative dimensions. So he took the smartphone photography experience to a wider field outside the norm.

VISION + Mobile PhotoAwards 2021 winning entries.

During the press conference, Quan Xiao, portrait photographer and jury of VISION + Mobile PhotoAwards 2021, explained the evaluation criteria of this session on behalf of the jury group: many photos with news articles and treatments humanists, but conveyed the deeper and broader humanist spirit of the VISION + project. Currently, the aesthetic paradigm specific to smartphone photography is taking shape. We are very happy to participate and influence the current change in the culture of imaging with vivo VISION +, and to witness the characteristics of the time represented by more than 380,000 photos.

The other five members of the jury also expressed their overall observations on the works collected during this session. Michael George, Photo Consultant, National Geographic, commented: “In this year’s VISION + Mobile PhotoAwards, I saw the new possibilities in mobile photography. It presents a unique perspective of cinema and builds the perception of the diversity of this era, whether it is artistic expression or simply the recording of moments from everyday life. Documentary photographer Martin Parr said, “The smartphone gives you a sense of anonymity whereby you can shoot much closer and blend effortlessly into the scenery. “Documentary photographer Jonas Bendiksen was touched by the everyday reality that emanated from these works:” For me, it is so important to preserve these small moments of the intimacy of family life and of our own history. Laura Serani, Curator of Photography, Les Rencontres d’Arles, said: “The ‘Create Together’ value inspires people to archive their daily lives in a huge archive. ZEISS photography expert Bertram Hoenlinger also recognized the value of VISION + Mobile PhotoAwards: “Feedback from an international mobile phone photo competition like this also helps ZEISS and vivo to understand mobile photographers better. “

Members of the jury, VISION + Mobile PhotoAwards 2021.

In terms of short films, there was a large number of extraordinary works requested by VISION + Short Short FilmAwards 2021, which focus on everyday life through avant-garde forms. “The 3,160 short films received at this session highlighted the new trend – portable photography devices and methods, distinctive perspectives and more experimental creative approaches,” said Wen SONG, founder of FIRST IFF, in his speech. “The ratio of short films shot with smartphones has increased by 148% compared to the last session. This fact shows that the smartphone is seen as a lightweight tool of creativity that pushes the boundaries of storytelling. Currently, pictures have become a whole new audio-visual language which is used much more. We hope that the category of professional short films can promote the practice and improvement of the audio-visual language nationwide.

On the sidelines, the Creator Forum was held during the press conference. Zhiyuan Xu (writer and special guest of the vivo VISION + 2021 project), Kiva Liu (director of the short film of the year), Derrick Zhang (winner of the Open Group category – Portrait of VISION + Mobile PhotoAwards 2021) and Yiran An (photographer of landscape and Imaging Expert of vivo) were invited to have in-depth discussions on topics based on their own experience and understanding of creation, such as’ how images become a universal language ‘and’ how smartphones are reshaping the relationships between creation and visualization ”.

The creators chatted with the special guest.

Enabling more people to enjoy free authoring in the new era of mobile imagery

With the rapid advancement of technology, professional mobile imaging has dramatically lowered the barrier to image creation by “ordinary” people, making creation convenient, efficient and intimate anytime, anywhere. To encourage more smartphone users to participate in image creation, vivo always attaches great importance to the real needs of users. vivo is dedicated to creating the best human-centered professional photography system to provide users with an exceptional integrated imaging experience. With the VISION + project as a platform for exchange, vivo strives to uphold and encourage the spirit of creation and the expression of everyday life while fulfilling its responsibility as a technological brand.

Going forward, vivo will continue to collaborate with outstanding industry partners like ZEISS to create the ultimate human-centered professional photographic products and push the boundaries of human-centered creative practice. Our goal is to enable more people to experience the “joy of humanity” through the creation of moving images. Next year, VISION + will walk away with the next-generation product developed in partnership with ZEISS, inviting creators around the world to experience the beauty of life with imagery.

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