Vinexpo India Mumbai August 18-20 Location transferred to HOTEL LEELA SAHAR

June 27: After looking for a better venue than the National Exhibition Center Goregaon, Vinexpo India decided to move the venue of its first edition in Mumbai to the magnificent Hotel Leela Sahar, known for its environment and excellent F&B operations, writes Subhash Arora Advisor and Conference Chairman for one of the most popular international wine fairs which has chosen India as its international partner with its very successful debut in Delhi last December

The dates of the wine, beer and spirits fair with more than 12 Masterclasses, remain the same – 18, 19 and 20 August 2022.

The change of venue has become a possibility as the SIAL India Food Show which was to be held with Vinexpo India on the same dates and venue, has decided to postpone it to May 2023. This show needs a huge space, for which National Exhibition Center, Goregaon is an ideal location. This decision gave the organizers the possibility, although more expensive, to move Vinexpo India closer to the city and preferably to a 5-star hotel. Arora sub-hash who has helped organize such shows in Delhi since 2003 was keen for the show to be held at a convenient hotel like Leela Hotel which has excellent connectivity to all sides of Mumbai and also for travelers from outside Mumbai being at airport side (T2).

Despite the additional costs, the charges for participants have not been increased but greater participation is expected from exhibitors as well as visitors. Although the deadline for the allocation of Stands was initially set for July 15, 2022, it should be extended by a few weeks to accommodate a few additional international participants and producers and importers of wines and spirits.

All the big producers like Fratelli, Grover, Sula, KLC Virgin Hills, Somanda Vineyards have already booked booths. Sonarys, Brindco, Aspri, Agnetta, Aristol (previously Prestige) are among the expected importers with all the finery. Karnataka Wine Board will represent the South. Many visitors, including distributors who loved Italian wines from Agrimenti Italia, would be happy to meet and taste a wide range of Italian wines. One can find an eclectic presentation of Italian wines by Mattia Antonia Cianca, the Best Sommelier of Italy in 2019 and the Best Sommelier of Australia in 2017 and Bordeaux Amrita Singh.

The Masterclasses which are an important feature of the event have already been booked for the past two months. There will be an even better version from Grover Vineyards which stole the show in Delhi last December, with some super premium wine additions. Come taste Burgundy in India from Virgin Hills. The delicious ARKA dessert wines from Hill Zill Wines will seduce you. Fruit wines will also be washed down at the Salon.

Come and taste the wisdom of Sanjay Menon, the source of wine knowledge for the wine importing community. Caballo Loco de Valdivieso will steal your hearts as Agnetta showcases the best that Chile has to offer. Brindco has a surprise that will be revealed later by Aman Dhall like the Masterclass of Sonal Holland MW. Arora is really excited about a presentation by Mattia Cianca– 5 major DOCG wine appellations from Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino, Amarone, Chianti Classico and Gavi. The The list is endless and will be published in future editions of delWine. Likewise, a Sherry Masterclass by Sherry Educator Kunal Kaoul, with 3 sherry wines from Chenab Impex would be the darling of lovers of fortified wines. Come find out how Ajoy Shaw has diversified and has helped many small producers to shape terroir wines.

Rod Lameyse, the big boss of Vinexpo in Paris is delighted, not only because the Salon is a wine and spirits fair in its own right, but also because of the location. He plans to be present at the Show giving many professionals the opportunity to meet him personally.

Rajan Sharma, CEO of InterAds Exhibitions burned midnight oil by sending his teams to various locations to choose the best venue. ‘I am so happy that we were finally able to choose Hotel Leela as our venue. We have dealt with them in the past for so many exhibitions and I think there couldn’t be a better venue for Vinexpo India, Mumbai. Not only exhibitors but also visitors from restaurants, hotels, producers and importers, sommeliers, journalists and other professionals from the wine and spirits industry will be extremely happy to visit the Fair. Please mark the calendar to visit the Salon every day to attend excellent masterclasses.

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Arora sub-hash

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