Venomous Huntsman Spider crawls on health official’s leg at Australian press conference

A hunter spider has made an unexpected – and unwanted – visit to a health official’s press conference.

Queensland Australian Health Minister Yvette D’Ath was providing an update on the COVID-19 situation in her state when a hunter spider began crawling on her leg.

And she handled it better than most. “Can someone please remove this spider?” She said while remaining calm.

“It shows how much I can be controlled,” she added. “I don’t like hunters, but I’m going to go on and pretend I don’t have a hunter on me right now and let someone else handle this, but if it comes close to my face please. know.”

Huntsman spiders can be around six inches in diameter and are known to be fast, moving about three feet per second.

Unlike other spider species that build webs to trap their prey, hunter spiders pursue potential food sources with their long legs.

As frightening as the spiders could be, Minister D’Ath was not in danger of death. According to Live Science, hunter spiders use venom to kill their prey, but this venom is not fatal to a human.

A hunter’s bite on a person would likely be painful and swollen, and in some cases, cause mild nausea and headaches.

But you can’t fault Minister D’Ath for not taking any chances. Eventually, she got to the rest of her speech, informing people that coronavirus cases had increased.

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