Urban Regeneration and Sustainability Conference (URS) 2022

Urban Regeneration and Sustainability Conference (URS) 2022

Following the success of the 1st and 2nd edition international conference on “Urban regeneration and sustainability”, the 3rd edition will this year address all aspects of the urban environment. Urban regeneration is discussed in depth in this conference, presenting it as a process and strategy to transform and renovate areas in the hope of modernizing public housing, public buildings, private buildings, infrastructure and facilities. services. It could also be seen as a very effective way to improve urban performance by targeting countless areas and taking into account their economic levels and developments which could affect society in a negative or positive way.

The level of difficulty in dealing with such problems with solutions established in several cities which differ from city to city, depending mainly on the size of the city, its morphology, its regulations and several other factors. The larger the city, the more complex its management becomes, requiring more solutions that will help regenerate urban areas and limit the negative impacts of and on anyone associated with the city.

Such challenges cannot be easily or fully managed, although a city can become a much more efficient habitat by conserving resources with the aim of minimizing the collective effects caused by their consumption and depletion. The full solutions will be discussed throughout the conference research papers.

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