The Strad News – Women in Lutherie Announces 2022 International Conference

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After its inaugural conference in 2021, Women in Lutherie announces its second international conference, which will be held entirely online, from October 28 to 30, 2022.

The conference will feature sessions focused on how entrepreneurship, reproductive health, equity, and more intersect with the work of women and women in the field of violin making.

These topics will be covered alongside presentations on benchwork, injury prevention, career paths, acoustics, history, and other ongoing research projects by community members.

“We were thrilled with the responses from last year’s attendees about how thought-provoking, informative and relevant our inaugural conversations were,” said Jeemin Kim, co-founder of Women in Lutherie. ‘This is not a ‘Professional Association’ or an ‘Industry Meeting’; This is a women-led, work-focused interdisciplinary community gathering to discuss what is really going on in our lives in relation to the field of violin making, and we are honored to amplify the voice again members of our global community and their experiences. year.’

Open to the public, the conference is a new annual initiative that will provide professional development and peer support for bench workers and create new global dialogues to advance the field.

Women in Lutherie was founded by Kim and Jennifer Creadick during the pandemic as a Zoom chat series for female and female luthiers. Since its inception, it has launched its first fellowship program, where aspiring luthiers are matched with more experienced members of the community to encourage the development of skills and knowledge on and off the bench.

“Come join our conversation!” Kim shouts. More information about Women in Lutherie can be found here.

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