The cruelty of Trump’s January 6 press conference

After two difficult years, most Americans are eager to get on with their lives. Many have surely come to believe that three main disruptors worked together to prevent this from happening: the antics of the ancients President TrumpDonald Trump Roberts calls for judicial independence in year-end report; the response to such antics from the left, including much in the mainstream media, academia, and the entertainment worlds; and the ever-evolving and seemingly endless COVID-19 pandemic.

Just in time, Trump is set to deploy a number of rhetorical hand grenades that will give 2022 a depressing start for those seeking mature leadership and a political cure that could allow our politicians to focus on the voter misery index to change. . Trump surely knows it, but he chooses to extinguish that hope anyway.

Trump announced that he would hold a press conference at his Mar-a-Lago compound on January 6. To say his timing is deaf would be letting Trump get away with it far too easily. It’s actually downright cruel, especially since four Trump supporters died in the January 6, 2021 riot, a Capitol Hill police officer died of a stroke the next day, and four other police officers died. commit suicide in the days and months that follow.

Yes, the former president has the right to speak publicly at any time he chooses – but not on the anniversary of the Capitol violation, when he acknowledged in a speech to supporters that they “would soon be marching towards the Capitol building to surrender peacefully and patriotically, make your voices heard.

Simple decency would suggest that he choose another day. But Trump probably chose this day precisely because he wants to rip the scab from the wound to ignite his base and fuel the hate machine in the process. Unfortunately, he will likely be successful on both counts.

Self-awareness and introspection have never been Trump’s strengths. However, when he holds his press conference on January 6, he might want to ask himself why this date has special significance, not only to Americans affected by the events in Washington on this date last year, but also for hundreds of millions of people. in the world, for another reason.

January 6 is known as “the Epiphany” for the 2.6 billion Christians around the world. It not only commemorates the visit of the Three Kings to the birthplace of Jesus, but is also known as “Old Christmas” or “Little Christmas” and recognized as the 12th day of Christmas. The day is truly sacred for billions of people.

And many Americans will see Trump, who calls himself a Christian, once again dishonor this celebration for his own selfish motives.

It is said that we are to “love the sinner but hate sin”. While the saying has dubious origins, attributed to both St. Augustine and Mohandas Gandhi, and may be an unrealistic solution, it is reminiscent of a question for Republicans and Trump supporters: “Why can’t you love some of Trump’s policies but still call him out for his rhetorical sins? “

The leaders lead but the cowards curl up. When will some Republican politicians decide that enough is enough when it comes to Trump’s implicit or direct threats against them, should they dare to resist his intimidation?

Like the replica of Harrison Ford’s version of the movie “Sabrina”, it seems far too many Republicans have come to believe that “morals are paintings on the walls and scruples are money in Russia.” If they want to demonstrate that they know better, they should call Trump about the ruthless timing of his scheduled press conference.

And while GOP lawmakers are doing it, it might be good if some Democrats also found the courage to call the Speaker of the House. Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiBidens reacts to Betty White’s death: ‘A lovely lady’ The 9 politicians with the most impact in 2021 Pelosi announces a series of events to mark the anniversary of January 6 MORE (D-Calif.) For intending to exploit January 6 in his selfish way.

In a “Dear Colleague” letter, Pelosi made it clear that she would be the force behind a “comprehensive program of events” to mark this day in Washington. The events will bring together liberal historians and members of Congress to share their thoughts and opinions on the day Trump supporters invaded Capitol Hill.

For those who think these thoughts and opinions might be an “olive branch” extended to the opposing political camp, I maintain that you haven’t paid attention to the way Pelosi operates.

Ultimately, January 6 shouldn’t be politicized or desecrated by bloviant politicians. It should be a healing day in America. Trump and Pelosi both have time to cancel their shows. I hope someone can properly define ‘morals’ and ‘scruples’ for them before they ring in 2022 with their individual marks of selfishness.

Douglas MacKinnon, political and communications consultant, was a White House writer for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, and a former special assistant for policy and communications at the Pentagon during the last three years of the Bush administration.

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