The 50th Biennial General Conference of the SKK enters its second day | MorungExpress

Dimapur, January 28 (MExN): The second day of the 50th Biennial General Conference of Sumi Students Union (SKK) was honored by Minister of Agriculture and Cooperation, Kaito Aye as Inaugural Guest and Advisor, F&C & LMCP and Taxes , Pukhayi Asumi as a cultural guest .

The SKK, in a press release, said Minister Kaito in his address insisted on keeping up with COVID and urged getting vaccinated. He claimed that the student body plays a major role in changing the way government works and that backdoor appointments should not be encouraged, but rather finding a job by striving for it.

“Students of this generation are very smart and fast learners and this should continue as they are the future of society and all developments are in the hands of these students,” he said.

On the Naga political solution, he stressed that it “is at a very critical end”. He also said that the election is knocking at the door and therefore urged the students to act very wisely in this upcoming election and elect the one who will truly work for the society.

Councilor Pukhayi Sumi, in his speech, urged students to love their own community. Stressing the importance of preserving culture, he said “our ancestors preserved our traditional practices and passed them on to us.”
The salute was given by Nikheto Sumi, President, Sumi Hoho; R Tsapikiu Sangtam, President, ENPO; and Kheholi Assumi, President, Sumi Totimi Hoho.

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