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A common problem for many entrepreneurs is the lack of a designated place in their office for private conversations with employees or meetings with clients. During such discussions, it is difficult to concentrate properly, and any noise can make it difficult to come up with compelling ideas for your project or conduct an effective conversation with a new contractor. However, there is a suitable solution to this problem. You can apply it in your workplace, even if your office environment is not very spacious! It is a portable and modern conference room, which will allow you to improve many activities and processes in the office, even at short notice.

The value of acoustic meeting booths in your office

Let’s see the pros and cons of modular office modules.

Advantages :

  1. Improved level of concentration during meetings with employees,
  2. A designated place where important interviews can take place,
  3. Relatively small space needed to set up a small conference room,
  4. Professional design and modern solutions in the eyes of both employees and customers,
  5. Possibility of product customization,
  6. The cabin can accommodate up to 8 people at a time,
  7. Reorganization possible within one working day.


Honestly, it’s hard for us to find any.

Conference booths vs conference rooms? Which one to choose ?

On the one hand, the choice of a norm conference room is a solution commonly known and used in many companies. However, this requires additional space and you are not always assured that your meeting will go off without a hitch. On the other hand, you can configure the conference booth in an existing office. This way, you don’t have to incur significant costs that accumulate over time and you can be sure that important meetings and discussions take place in high quality conditions.

Requirements for conference rooms

Of course, the norm in a conference room is air conditioning and an efficient ventilation system, so you can stay focused during those long meetings. Adequate lighting is another important feature required for comfort. Noise protection will provide a pleasant and quiet ambience.

Basic equipment for modern conference rooms

The basic equipment of acoustic conference booths can already ensure a high level of comfort. Stand features include:

  1. LED lamp with dimmer,
  2. Effective ventilation activated by the presence detector or the motion detector,
  3. The highest quality panels and laminated acoustic glass,
  4. TV and optional presentation screen,

And many other conveniences!

Choose ready-to-deploy solutions for your office!

As you can see, our solution brings many benefits to the office environment for regular daily activities and important and unusual meetings. You can use it in many configurations and configurations at any time. Additionally, the booth can be customized to your office needs and bring even more benefits. It is also worth remembering that these innovative office solutions very often result in significant growth for the entire company!

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