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Shure aims to bring its Stem ecosystem to more conference rooms in the Australian market this year, with hands-on exposure for installers to explore at Integrate 2022. Shure sees Stem as an ideal prize that will enable meeting rooms to offer the people now expect audio quality when they return to the office more often.

What staff were willing to put up with in the past has been elevated by the era of hybrid working, especially when it comes to audio. With everyone now used to the clarity of a group of callers meeting on individual headsets, we were allowed to put shoddy, high-reverberation conference room audio behind us.

We’ve learned that a bad video connection can still be tolerated, but bad audio brings meetings to a halt. With hybrid working, meaning more meetings will continue to require video conferencing or audio conferencing to include all relevant stakeholders, offices are After likely to be in the market for upgrades.

As a leader in consumer and professional audio systems for decades, Shure has been meeting the needs of corporate meeting rooms with its Microflex system for some time. With the Shure Stem ecosystem, it now has a solid offering for mid-tier organizations that want premium sound in their conference rooms with quick setup, hassle-free performance, and no-frills ease-of-use.

The Shure Stem ecosystem can be installed in a single day and comes with an impressive set of digital design and preparation tools to ensure it’s acoustically optimized for every room it’s used in. Stem offers offices the quality benefits of a modular system without the high-end hardware price and advanced installation they may require.

Certified or compatible with most major conferencing platforms, including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Bluejeans, Huddly, Dante, Trueconf, Zoom, and more, the Stem ecosystem aims to simplify entering a room and launching of your calls just as easily. as possible.

The Stem ecosystem includes:

  • Stem chart: A one-piece speaker and array of beamforming microphones with on-device controls.
  • Stem wall: An in-wall speaker and subwoofer system with speaker included with high quality microphone array.
  • Rod ceiling: The clean aesthetics of a clear table and adjustable beam options to blend into a well-designed office space and allow you to focus on the conversation.
  • Rod speaker: The most flexible speaker in the range, with table, wall or ceiling mounting options to suit any space.
  • Stem Hub / Express Hub: The brains of the operation in any room where you combine multiple Stem products.
  • Stem control: An optional device that facilitates device management as well as conference calls through the software of your choice.

In a Shure cost comparison of a setup for a large conference room where ceiling, wall, and speaker units are needed along with Stem Hub and Stem Control devices, the company claims that such a setup can save customers thousands of dollars and take just one day. install, versus one to two weeks to install the “Pro-AV” solution.

Shure also aims to make it easy for installers and contractors to know what a given room needs with the Stem Ecosystem Room Design tool. Available online, you can enter a room’s dimensions and furniture layout and by adding Stem devices, you see the coverage you expect for better performance.

Once a setup is in place, Room Adapt and Room Check tools test a room’s acoustic signature and adjust device settings to optimize performance, along with heatmaps of expected audio quality for people located in different parts of the room. These features make final adjustments easy and efficient for all users.

Shure also believes victory for installers is a highly reliable platform that minimizes the need for return visits to troubleshoot or replace parts at customer sites. The company also holds regular webinars and training sessions to teach customers best practices for using Stem Ecosystem products, further reducing the demand for installers to provide this type of support.

Integrate 2022 will take place August 17-19 and the Shure Stem Ecosystem will be on display at Jands booth at F14 with a Shure Exhibit Hall for hands-on exploration as well as a session at 1:30pm on August 17 explaining the Shure Stem Ecosystem in detail – Book your place here:

Integrate attendees can also book a 1:1 session with a Shure Audiovisual Applications Engineer here:

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