Scott Yenor: Protests took place in Boise State after the professor told a conference that men, not women, should be recruited into fields like medicine and law

“Every effort should be made not to recruit women into engineering, but rather to recruit and demand more men who become engineers,” Yenor said. “Ditto for medical school, and the law, and all trades.”

CNN has asked Yenor for comment but has not received a response.

Responding to the attention the video has received recently on social media, Yenor said on Twitter that “making special efforts to recruit women into fields they don’t seem to want to be in” should be stopped, and he said. denied wanting to prevent women from obtaining these professions.

He also released a video in which he said the country should “increase the importance of family life for men and women in America.”

Boise State issued a statement saying it does not approve of Yenor’s comments but “cannot infringe” its ability to make them.

“Boise State University understands that the open exchange of ideas, which is fundamental to education, can introduce uncomfortable and even offensive ideas,” the statement said. However, the university cannot infringe on the First Amendment rights of anyone in our community, whether we as individual leaders agree or disagree with the message. No faculty member defines what Boise State – or any public university – endorses or represents. “

Idaho State Representative Brooke Green told CNN that Yenor’s beliefs are “not only outdated, but completely sexist and reflect a society that no longer exists.”

Green helped organize the event at the university on Saturday to counter Yenor’s remarks and said there were around 500 men and women in attendance.

“Many young women in college fear their future is in the hands of a full professor who thinks they don’t deserve to be there and take a seat that belongs to a man,” said Green.

“Women shouldn’t have to spend time today defending our worth in society or our rights as human beings. However, the women wanted to come together to send a message that we will continue to occupy professional spaces, be it a boardroom, a courtroom or a leadership role within our community, ”he said. she declared.

Boise State is Idaho’s largest university with nearly 20,000 students.

CNN’s Travis Caldwell contributed to this report.

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