Register for an International Mercury Pollution Conference Envirotech Online

Registrations are open for the 15e International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant – . This year, the ICMGP will be held virtually between 24e and 29e July, during which delegates will be able to discuss with each other and question our expert speakers within an exclusive platform. Once the conference closes its digital doors, delegates will be able to revisit any of the presentations at any time.

For many, the UN Minamata Convention on Mercury has been a wake-up call. As one of the most harmful anthropogenic pollutants, the coordinated reduction of exposure and emissions has become one of the top priorities in public health management worldwide. More recently, however, concerns have been raised about mercury’s role in the climate crisis. As a contribution to these discussions, the theme for ICMGP 2022 is: Reduce mercury emissions to achieve a greener world.

In order to build the kind of broad consensus needed to address these challenges, the Conference will bring together a multitude of experts representing various industries, governments, research institutes, NGOs and universities in general conferences and special sessions.

Among many other topics, these sessions will examine the possibilities of low-mercury energy and industrial technologies in the interest of building a low-mercury society. For example, delegates can attend lectures detailing case studies on the implementation of the Minamata Convention as well as more specialized presentations that examine new developments in understanding, such as recent advances in chemistry. reactive mercury concentrations. Under this program, along with mercury reduction technology, new equipment for measuring mercury in various samples will be presented.

So it’s clear that if you want to be part of the fight against mercury pollution, you’ll want to register for ICMGP 2022.

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