New Golf Game Opens at Former Kingstowne Golf Site

Rudy’s Golf opens in Kingstowne.

There’s nothing quite like a sleepy Sunday afternoon on the golf course, cutting and hooking shots and somehow arriving with a par on the scoreboard. Now residents of Franconia have that option at Rudy’s Golf, a practice game with the “Top Tracer” system, which tracks shots like on TV PGA games.

“It gives you the yardage and the turnover rates,” said James McArdle, the manager who comes from his Burke home.

Rudy’s is located on the same location as an old golf course called “Top Golf”, which is less than a mile from Edison High School in Kingstowne. Top Golf was a similar driving range but closed at the end of 2019 to make way for a new housing complex. These plans were for 275 residences that could have been townhouses, townhouses and condos or apartments, similar to Kingstowne’s current housing stock.

The request to redevelop the site into homes was deferred by Supervisor Rodney Lusk (D-Lee) and county officials. The site owner “has expressed a desire to resume previous uses at the site, to include golfing activities and a restaurant,” Lusk said.

Out in the tee box, the golfers were happy with the situation. “I’m so glad it’s here instead of the houses,” said Kingstowne resident Leonard Smith, who was on the tee with his family playing next to neighbors the McClung family. “Van Dorn is already a mess,” Smith said.

“People need an outlet, a place to go,” said his wife, Jamie Smith.

They opened in January but are not yet running at full capacity. McArdle is planning a bigger opening event in April. When Top Golf was at its peak, things filled up fast and there was a wait for a golf bay to open. For the rest of March, Rudy’s will be closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays until the weather improves and the interior is finished.

“By April, we should be open every day of the week,” McArdle said.

There is also a miniature golf course and it also closed when everything else did, but the course remained untouched. The plans include that too. “We’re going to renovate it,” McArdle said.

Cool off at the Club House

Inside, there’s a bar, 13 tables, individual seating, and plenty of big-screen TVs tuned to sports, especially golf when possible. There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available and a full menu. The classic burger with fries is $10.99 while kids’ meals cap out at $6.99 with a drink. The menu also offers appetizers and salads.

Off to the side of the main lobby, there’s a conference room for area businesses to combine a meeting with food and golf.

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