NEARITY A20 Conference Speaker – Clear, Expandable Sound for Every Room

NEARITY’s A20 conference speakerphone demonstrates clear industry leadership in a world rapidly moving towards remote and hybrid workplaces. The limited audio and video optimization of most video conferencing hardware and software solutions leads to longer, less productive sessions and prevents colleagues from connecting. The A20 bridges that gap, combining NEARITY’s self-developed audio algorithms with innovative, state-of-the-art physical construction to deliver crystal-clear sound to anyone, from anyone. Advanced features like beamforming, AI noise reduction, echo cancellation, de-reverb technology, and daisy chain technology ensure every space can be a welcoming workspace .

How is the NEARITY A20 conference speaker different?

One of the main advantages of the A20 conference loudspeaker is its substantial two-layer structure. The top contains the speakerphone and simple physical controls, delivering clear 360-degree audio and effortless use during meetings. The lower part mainly consists of the acoustic structure and the microphone array. Currently class-leading devices with 8 MEMS microphones in a circular array, they work hand-in-hand with software to deliver the industry’s best beamforming capability and deliver the clearest voices possible in any conference room environment.

How does the A20 Conference Speakermic connect?

The NEARITY A20 connects to devices via a standard USB-C plug, allowing both power and data to be delivered through a single cord for fast and stable call quality. Plug-and-play is also brought to a logical end by using Power-Over-Ethernet to daisy-chain units together. With this technology, a single power supply unit can power up to 5 speaker microphones, and almost any cable length is available for easy deployment. A20 and its partner devices will not limit you to USB lengths to design and build your ideal workspace.

What size room is the A20 conference speaker best suited for?

A single A20 unit can clearly pick up sound from over 800 square feet (30㎡) of meeting room with its 16-foot range, allowing people to be heard from wall to wall for small to medium meeting rooms that can accommodate up to about 8 people. Connected and powered by a single Ethernet cord, 5 units working together can cover over 4,000 square feet (150 m2). NEARITY’s proprietary daisy chain technology makes the A20 the only speaker-mic solution that can be so easily scaled.

Council chamber

Meeting room

Why recommend the A20 Conference Speakermic?

First, the acoustic performance of the A20 loudspeaker. While background noise cancellation has become a mainstream feature in the industry, NEARITY also focuses on echo cancellation and de-reverberation with proprietary, patented software allowing even glass-enclosed rooms to provide a its lens. Second, NEARITY’s daisy chain functions. Knowing that rooms come in all sizes, linking up to five (5) A20 units together creates a powerful tool that hears from wall to wall and corner to corner. Third, NEARITY’s C30R All-in-One Camera Bars are plug-and-play compatible with up to four (4) A20 units, creating a complete set of integrated microphones and cameras. Connected by Ethernet, they combine audio tracking and AI beamforming with advanced AI video tracking and framing capabilities. Plug-and-play configuration, simple operation and easy expansion make the A20 a great tool also for medium and large rooms.


NEARITY creates innovative solutions for remote collaboration, enabling clear communication through experience-driven design, patented audio technology and world-class cameras. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to businesses around the world, NEARITY makes hybrid workspaces and modern offices possible.

Industry-leading daisy chain technology creates comfortable and expandable spaces to work and share ideas, while deep learning and traditional signal processing, AI noise suppression, multilobe beamforming and full-duplex technology make sharing ideas easy and clear.

With over 40% of the NEARITY team focused on research and development, and products continually refined through feedback from our customers and partners, NEARITY is focused on delivering creative new solutions that drive organizations forward with every conversation.

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