Muenster FCCLA wins national conference gold | Education

The Muenster Independent School District sent a student delegation to California earlier this month.

The Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) team traveled to the National Leadership Conference and Competition in San Diego June 29-July 3.

“Going to Nationals was not only an exciting experience, but also an opportunity to broaden my horizons by allowing me to meet and learn from some of the most notable leaders in the FCCLA,” said Erica Endres, who just started his last year of high school. and is the chapter president. “While in San Diego, I was able to attend various youth leadership workshops that aimed to educate and prepare teenagers, like me, for their future.”

At the event, students competed in various competitive Student Acting With Appreciation (STAR) events, leading to two of the top 10-ranking teams in the nation, all receiving gold medals.

“Participating in star events is like putting together a very complex school project that touches on certain areas of what people might do when they are older,” explained Madeleine Fisher, who is entering her senior year of high school. . “After you finish the project, you present it as you would in class. The only difference is that when you get rated, you can earn scholarships and take unique trips like San Diego.

For the Chapter Service Project Display (Grade 3 – Grades 11 and 12), sixth place was awarded to Endres, Fisher, and Meadow Walterscheid.

“Because the Texas FCCLA is one of the largest state delegations, reaching the national level is an accomplishment in itself,” Endres said. “I personally considered it a great honor to have had the opportunity to compete among the best of the best in San Diego.”

Fifth place went to Anna Warren and Lillian Wimmer in Food Innovations (Grade 1 – Grade 8 and below).

“We chose food innovations, so we had to create a meal kit that had less than a certain amount of sodium and could be prepared in a certain amount of time,” explained Wimmer, who is entering her freshman year of high school. “We wrapped up and put whatever the column asked for in our speech and on the board. Then we had to present everything to the judges in less than 10 minutes.

More than 7,000 student members, advisors and guests gathered to hear inspirational speakers, attend youth workshops, compete nationally and network with other young leaders.

“It was so much fun going out and meeting new people from all over,” Warren said. “I wanted to get involved because it would be a good experience and it would help me in the future to meet new people and work together. It’s a great experience to meet people, to form partnerships, to fun and help colleges in the future.”

FCCLA is a national student organization with more than 199,000 members nationwide, helping students become leaders and solve important personal, family, professional, and societal problems through science education. family and consumption.

“Over the past four years, my involvement with FCCLA has made me realize the importance of several real-world skills such as leadership and responsibility,” Endres said. “As a result, I feel much more prepared for my future endeavors.”

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