Money Loan for Citizen Immediately

If someone needs money quickly and without waiting, he usually wants to avoid lengthy formalities. And sometimes it can be really simple: just take a citizen and ask for one of the “loans for Citizen – identity card” as popularly called fast non-bank loans. These products are said to be practically everyone.

But how is it really and can you get the money right away?

Microloans for Citizen

Microloans for Citizen

Loans for ID cards usually take the form of microloans or SMS loans up to approximately CZK 20,000 and with a maturity of up to one month. They can most often be requested online via the online form. The applicant enters into it his / her personal data, information on his / her monthly income and, as the only document, delivers a scanned or photographed copy of his / her ID card.

Even for women on MD


This product is also referred to as a non-income loan – there is no income or confirmation of employment, but it is necessary to keep in mind that only true data must be entered into the form. Otherwise there is a risk that the applicant will commit credit fraud. However, this does not mean that people with low incomes – such as students, women on maternity leave, pensioners or the short-term unemployed – would not have a chance. Even less creditworthy clients can get a loan for a citizen if they “go through” the provider’s scoring.

Cash on account and cash


After reviewing and approving the application, the money is sent to the client’s bank account. This is true for most companies that provide these loans online. If the applicant wants money immediately and in cash, they must look for one of the “offline” providers and head for the stone branch. However, it should be noted that the easier it is to obtain money, the greater the risks it is necessary to count on.

First free loan? Frequent offer

free loan

It is always worthwhile to compare more offers of micro-loans to the Citizen, because the fees for the loan may vary even in the order of several hundred crowns. Some credit companies try to lure those interested in borrowing for Citizen free of charge – they provide the first loan entirely without interest and settlement fees. On the due date, the client returns as much as he has borrowed. However, other loans are already charged according to the Company’s tariff.


Loans for citizenship: advantages, disadvantages, risks

  • Benefits:
    • high availability, quick execution, money immediately, without proof of income
  • Cons:
    • high interest, high APR, short maturity
  • Risks:
    • high sanctions in case of default, risk of starting a debt spiral


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