IBC appoints speakers for Conference and Changemaker sessions

IBC has announced that its annual conference and new Changemaker free content program will offer a comprehensive roster of industry experts speaking on the most pressing media and entertainment (M&E) issues, developments and technological innovations as that it will meet live at the RAI in Amsterdam on September 9th. 12th.

Bringing together some of M&E’s most influential thought leaders for presentations, panel discussions and technical papers, the Conference and Changemaker content programs explore key trends and technologies shaping the future of media, including metaverse, migration to the cloud, FAST channels, 5G and other areas of rapid innovation. IBC’s six major international proprietary bodies – IABM, IEEE BTS, IET, RTS, SCTE and SMPTE – are involved in both programs.

“We are excited to be able to bring the entire IBC community back live to discuss and gain critical insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the M&E market going forward,” said Michael Crimp, Managing Director of IBC. “Our goal is to give as many attendees the opportunity to attend some of these sessions, whether they choose to attend the paid conference during the first two days of the show or take advantage of the free Changemaker sessions on both last days.”

This year’s two-day IBC Conference (September 9-10) is centered around the theme “What’s Next?” Designing the future together,” as the global IBC community returns to networking, learning and collaborating in person after two years of virtual formats.

“IBC 2022 features a stellar lineup of visionary speakers from some of the world’s biggest media brands,” adds Crimp. “The line-up of high-quality speakers, in-depth panel discussions, and cutting-edge technical paper presentations in store this year are truly a testament to the advances and changes our industry is experiencing today.”

The latest conference keynote speakers to be announced include:

  • Dave Duvall, Chief Information Officer, Warner Bros. Discoverywho will be interviewed by Caretta Research co-founder Rob Ambrose on how two media giants come together from a technical perspective
  • Deep Bagchee, Product Manager, ITVwhich will explain how Britain’s biggest commercial broadcaster plans to boost streaming with the launch of ITVX
  • Faz Aftab, Director of Global M&E Content Partnerships, Google TVwho participates in a panel on the future of linear television and how it will coexist with other services
  • Robert Gelick, Product Manager, Paramountwhich will weigh on the growth and success of the FAST chains
  • Bill Baggelaar, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Sony Pictures Entertainmentwho joins a panel giving the studio a perspective on content creation
  • Krystal Mejia, Senior Stream Engineer, Major League Baseballwho is part of a panel on the convergence of linear and streaming

Technical papers presented at the conference include: “XR and Avatars,” which describes a system for encoding and synthesizing facial movements on a superimposed figure; “How AI is advancing media production”, looking at the technology’s ability to interpret video images and human speech; “The Immersive Olympics,” which examines the complexities of adding immersive sound to a global sporting event; and others that detail cutting-edge technological approaches to real-world challenges.

This year, the IBC Partner Program is hosting the all-new IBC Changemaker Sessions (September 11-12), featuring industry pioneers such as ACE, Albert, EDCF, #GALSNGEAR, MovieLabs, RISE, Soho Media Club , The Circle and Women in Immersive Tech to explore topics such as improving equality, promoting sustainability and retaining talent – ​​as well as the latest thinking in creativity and technology.

“Changemaker sessions largely focus on the human side of business – issues such as culture, diversity, inclusion and approaches that help media companies find and retain top talent, as well as ways to foster creativity,” notes Crimp. “We want to play our part in driving positive change in media technology, so these new sessions allow the IBC community to learn from those who are at the forefront of best practices in these areas.”

Speakers featured in Changemaker sessions include:

  • Fathima Beckmann, Senior Vice President Global Inclusion – International Markets, Paramountwhich kicks off the Soho Media Club session with an interview on how the global media giant is advancing inclusion and diversity, followed by a discussion on “making tech more inclusive”, featuring DAZN, Unity and Britbox
  • Joyce Butler, Chief People Officer and Senior Vice President, Avid Technology and Pierre Matelart, Human Resources Director, EVSare part of the panel studying how to design a corporate culture that attracts and retains the right people
  • Paul Machliss, ACE, Editor-in-Chiefthat Hollywood Reporter technical editor Carolyn Giardina will interview to push the boundaries of creativity
  • Lisa Aussieker, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Qwiltwho joins the #GALSNGEAR “Changing Workflow, Changing Perspectives” session on women working at the intersection of technology and creativity

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