I will call a press conference if you go off the rails, Deji Adeleke tells Osun governor-elect

Business tycoon and older brother of Osun State Governor-elect Deji Adeleke, Senator Ademola Adeleke warned his brother on Sunday to serve the people of the state well saying he would be the first to call the press conference if he sees things going wrong with his government.

Deji, who dropped the warning during the 2022 graduation ceremony of Adeleke University, Ede, further promised to alert the world if he fails in his responsibilities as governor of the state.

He, however, said he warned him not to appoint to his team anyone who is not ready to serve or anyone whose aim is to steal from the poor on the governance team.

“I told the governor-elect (my brother) and his colleagues that Ademola was lucky because he didn’t have a sponsor to pay money back to, so whatever people contributed for his election is a contribution and it is a sacrifice for a better Nigeria, for a better state, so that he and his colleagues do not come under any pressure, the only thing the governor-elect must do is go and serve the people of the state with devotion.

“And I threatened them that I will be the first to call the press conference if I see things go wrong with his government, I will be the first to alert the world that your governor has gone off the rails. I also told him and his team not to allow anyone who is not ready to serve, anyone his goal is to come and collect money to steal from the poor (Osun is a very poor state) in the team.

The business mogul, while x-raying the state’s just-concluded gubernatorial election, pointed out that “forty-five polling stations have disappeared, young NYSC presidents have not shown up in their designated polling stations.

“Meanwhile people were waiting to vote but the materials, result sheet and BIVAS machine were taken elsewhere until a manager started calling to make sure these people should show up where they are. are supposed to, “otherwise my brother would not have been the governor-elect today.

While scolding the newly graduated students of the institution, he warned them not to let themselves be used as tools for evil deeds because during the election period some members of the corps who are youths let themselves be used.

According to him, “People blame the INEC but forget that it is the young people who have been given this responsibility who are destroying their own future. Because if you can’t hold a government accountable, then we have no future in this country. The fault is not that of the commissioner of the INEC but that of the insincere youngsters.

“So please our young people remember what you are being taught here, remember the future of this country is up to you, seize that future, be sure to register to vote, make sure any government you don’t know want or doesn’t serve well in your constituency is thrown out, don’t take part in bringing this country down, take part in all the things that will make this country the desired country you want.

In his own speech on the occasion, the university’s President/Vice-Chancellor, Professor Solomon Adebola, said newly graduated students would meet many people in society at large who would like to know what differentiates them from others in the pack, charged them to walk straight and smart with unparalleled distinctions.

Professor Adebola warned that they should not allow their strength to be measured by their physical abilities, but must demonstrate excellence in their relationships.


I will call a press conference…

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