HiPex returns in 2022 as a place for sharing “patient experience and service design”

HiPex (Hospital Innovation and Patient Experience Conference), which covered topics such as “patient experience” and “service design” for the first time in Korea in 2014, will return this year as “HiPex 2022 “.

The conference, which breathed fresh air from 2014 to 2019, has since been suspended due to Covid-19. However, it will resume this year with a new model that combines online and offline to share successful examples of patient experience and service design with the medical community.

“Hospital Innovation & Patient Experience Conference 2014” is underway, marking the start of HiPex.

Considering the Covid-19 situation, HiPex 2022 will be held online and offline at Myongji Hospital in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province from October 26 to 28. It consists of three lectures, three case studies, four panel discussions, seven workshops and two special programs, according to the Myongji Medical Foundation which organizes the annual event.

HiPex, which has emphasized the importance of patient experience and service design for the first time in Korea, plans to share know-how on innovation and change by showcasing various examples of innovation within of the medical community and inviting individuals and organizations that are taking the lead in social and cultural spheres.

October 26: How did CEO Kim succeed in ‘Kogi-ri Makguksu Restaurant’?

On October 26, there will be two case presentations, “How Inha University Hospital ranked first in patient experience assessment” and “Ask about innovation and answer with Culture (Samsung Changwon Hospital Blue Diamond Story)”. Kim Yun-jeong, CEO of Kogiri Makguksu Restaurant, will deliver a lecture titled “Kogiri Makguksu Restaurant Sincerity Management: Learning Sincerity from a Small Restaurant”. After them, a round table will be on “What can we do for cancer survivors? »

CEO Kim, who will deliver a lecture on the first day, became famous for her management philosophy, which grew a small makguksu (buckwheat noodle) restaurant in the remote countryside, which sold a bowl of noodles a day to a restaurant selling 1,000 bowls every day.

His book, “Learning Sincerity From a Small Restaurant”, became a regular seller in the economics corner of bookstores, his story becoming the talk of the town at executive meetings of major business groups, such than SK and Samsung Electronics.

What the CEO says is most important for success in the restaurant business is sincerity management based on “how to focus on customers”. Kim’s philosophy will likely suggest a lot for the medical community where methods of treating patients are becoming increasingly important.

During the panel discussion on “what we can do for cancer survivors”, Chung So-youn, a breast cancer specialist at the National Cancer Center, Professor Han Yun-dae from the hospital’s anal colorectal surgery department Severance and Professor Park Hye-yun from the Department of Neuropsychiatry at Seoul National University Hospital will exchange views on the role of medical institutions for cancer survivors and other issues.

October 27: Why is it so difficult to renovate hospitals?

On October 27, there will be a panel discussion on “This is why hospital renovation is difficult”, after the case presentation by Myongji Hospital with the title of “Medical Staff Burnout and Resilience Program “. Professor Choi Yon-ho from the Department of Pediatrics and Adolescents at Samsung Medical Center will deliver a lecture on “Insights from Healthcare Professionals Who Read Patients’ Minds”. These will be followed by a lecture by Professor Lee Sun-young at the Public Treatment Center of Seoul National University Hospital, titled “What do patients experience at home? »

During the panel discussion on the reasons for the difficulties encountered in the renovation of hospitals, CEO Kim Jae-hak of BeauBrain, the former director of the Innovation Design Center of Asan Medical Center, Professor Kim Hyun-jeong of the Department of Dermatology from Sejong Chungnam University Hospital and Professor Kim Jong-hyuk from Ob-Gyn Department of Asan Medical Center will have in-depth conversations on why it is difficult to renovate hospitals and why hospital renovation is always necessary , followed by a communication with the public.

On the second day of the conference, four workshop programs will also be ready for HiPex attendees to participate personally.

The first workshop program will allow participants to have an in-depth understanding of Samsung Changwon Hospital’s culture of spontaneous innovation under the theme “Let’s Cross the Line Perversely: Part 1” with hospital officials.

The second workshop program will progress on the topic “Sustainable Hospital: Digital Transformation and ESG, Part 1) jointly with KPMG Korea. In the third workshop, participants will have time with haheho on the topic “Why? Why? Why? – a patient-centered service design that seeks answers through questions.

KPMG Korea, a long-time partner of HiPex, is a company that helps create value and success for its clients by leveraging rich insights and experiences through its industry-focused organization. Haheho is a service design lab, where various experts provide professional guidance on service design experiences to improve service experiences in businesses, government agencies, and hospitals.

In the fourth workshop program, attendees will have a question-and-answer session with Lee Wang-jun, president of Myongji Medical Foundation, the conference organizer, about Lee’s philosophy on patient experience and service design.

October 28: New patient experience as envisioned by Kakao

On October 28, there will be two panel discussions – “Digital Health and Patient Experience” and “Here is an example of our hospital’s innovation”.

During the panel discussion on “Digital Health and Patient Experience”, Kakao Healthcare CEO Hwang Hui and Director Kim Jun-hwan will showcase hyper-personalized health management services, patient-centric healthcare and patient stories of digital healthcare at home and abroad. Professor Shin Jae-yong from the Department of Preventive Medicine at Yonsei University College of Medicine will share patient cases related to Seamless DTx.

In the section “Here is an example of our hospital’s innovation”, Ilsan Hospital will make a presentation entitled “Hospital exclusively dedicated to Covid-19: two general hospitals under one roof – from agility to resilience”. Kyung Hee Medical Center will present its case on the topic of revitalizing internal and external communication using characters. Bora Eye Hospital will present an example of the activity theme of designing postoperative self-management services for surgical patients with diabetic retinopathy.

In addition, as part of a special program, Lee So-youn, director of the Art Healing Center at Myongji Hospital, will give a lecture on the topic of “art therapy in the era of contactless “. In addition, a lecture was prepared with the title “After a singer had voice cancer”, joined by Professor Shim Doo-seok from Mokpo University College of Music and Professor Lee Chang-geol from the Department of radio-oncology at Severance Hospital.

Following the second day, “Let’s cross the line perversely, Part 2”, “Sustainable hospital: digital transformation & ESG Part 2” will be held. Park Jae-young, editor-in-chief of The Korean Doctors’ Weekly, will deliver a lecture titled “Live Daily Life as a Traveler, Live Your Life as a Tourist.”

“HiPex 2022” receives pre-registration on its website. The entry fee is 200,000 won ($143) online and 400,000 won offline. For online workshops, workshops are excluded and only one device is available per ID.

Offline attendees will receive a gear collection, lunch, welcome reception, souvenirs and parking assistance. Group registration is only available for offline participation.

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