Hamid Ansari wanted Pakistani ‘spy’ invited to Jurists Conference, organizer says

In a sweeping accusation, lawyer Dr Adish Aggarwala claimed former Vice President Hamid Ansari got angry because he ignored his request to invite Pakistani journalist Nusrat Mirza. Aggarwala, the president of the All India Bar Association, was the organizer of The International Conference of Jurists on International Terrorism and Human Rights where Ansari was the main guest. He was responding to a controversy sparked by Mirza who claimed on July 10 to have gathered information on India during his visits to the country between 2005 and 2011 and to have transmitted it to the ISI. Moreover, he claimed to have been invited by Ansari.

While the former vice president, as well as Congress, have denied the allegations, citing that the organizers must have invited Mirza to the aforementioned conference, Aggarwala revealed that the self-proclaimed Pakistani spy never attended. According to him, an official working in the vice president’s secretariat asked him to invite Mirza, but he flatly refused, after which Ansari spent less time at the conference. Moreover, the lawyer claimed that Mirza was referring to another conference on terrorism organized on October 27, 2009 by Jama Masjid United Forum.

Speaking exclusively to Republic TV, Dr Adish Aggarwala said: “He has accepted our request to be our guest of honor at our international conference of jurists on international terrorism and human rights, scheduled for 11 and December 12, 2010. After his acceptance, Ashok Dewan, who was the director of the vice president’s secretariat, asked me to invite Nusrat Mirza from Pakistan to attend this conference. In fact, I didn’t invite him because we think Pakistan encourages terrorism. We had not invited judges and lawyers from Pakistan.

He added: “On December 10, he (Ashok Dewan) told me that the vice president will only stay for 20 minutes and not an hour because he is annoyed because we did not invite Mr. Mirza. So, I told him that if he can’t stay an hour, please cancel his program. We withdraw our invitation. But we were told that his speech is ready and has been released to the media. We cannot cancel now He came for 20 minutes We welcomed him because he was our vice-president And he left after 20 minutes.

The precision of Hamid Ansari

In a statement released earlier, former Vice President Hamid Ansari pointed out, “It is a known fact that invitations to foreign dignitaries by the Vice President of India are on the advice of the government in General through the Department of External Affairs. I inaugurated the Conference on Terrorism, on December 11, 2010, the “International Conference of Jurists on International Terrorism and Human Rights”. As is customary, the list of guests would have been established by the organizers. I never invited him or met him.” Moreover, the Congress also condemned the insinuations and insinuations against Sonia Gandhi and Ansari.

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