George Kambosos Jr vs Devin Haney rematch, date, location, details, reaction, highlights

George Kambosos Jr. learned a lesson on Sunday, but given the chance, the Aussie would fight Devin Haney in a rematch ‘tomorrow’.

That’s how desperate Kambosos Jr. is to get back in the ring and avenge his unanimous decision loss to American Haney on Sunday afternoon.

It was a dominating victory for Haney, who won the IBF, WBO and WBA world belts from Kambosos as well as his own WBC title.

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Kambosos vs Haney – Dad Edition | 00:39

But as part of negotiations for Sunday’s fight, both men have agreed to a rematch clause which will see them fight again later this year in Australia.

Speaking at the post-fight press conference, Kambosos Jr. was adamant he would exercise the clause.

“Yes, 100% we will do it again,” he said.

“If I hadn’t given him that shot, he wouldn’t have had his moment right now. Today they gave him the decision, but I’m sure that will change when we resume.

“It’s going to make me even hungrier. Real champions rebound. Great ones. Muhammad Ali, Roberto Duran, all those guys rebounded and that’s their legacy. I’ll rebound hungrier than ever.


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Kambosos eyes revenge, humble in defeat | 02:35

Haney also said he would give Kambosos Jr. another chance, but on one condition – the fight “has to make sense”.

“It’s really up to my team,” he said.

“They will come up with a game plan and if they agree, then I agree. We had to take less money, we had to travel…we sacrificed a lot to make the fight happen and it all paid off.

“I don’t dodge or dodge anyone. If it makes sense, if the network wants it, I’ll do it again. But it has to make sense. »


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Haney: “Yeah, I was comfortable” | 02:22

The judges may have agreed that Haney was the clear winner, but Kambosos Jr. was confident it wouldn’t take major changes to raise his hand next time around.

“I felt the fight was very close,” said Kambosos Jr.

“From what I’ve been told, I passed him, I passed him, you saw the fight.

“He had a jab but there wasn’t much else, I think he could have landed a right hand or two, but that’s about it. There was really nothing there. My body doesn’t feel like it went through a 12-round war, like it did with the Lopez fight.

“We will change game plans and go back to the drawing board, but my confidence will always be high.”

‘Mayhem’ sets the stage with huge knockout | 01:25

As for where the fight would take place, Kambosos Jr. said he “loves” being in Melbourne but would leave those details to his team.

“He fought it for his personal legacy and he also fought it for the good of boxing and he fought it for the good of Australian boxing,” said Kambosos Jr. promoter Lou DiBella.

“He believed this country deserved a big stadium fight.”

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is not convinced there will be a different outcome and said “rematch clauses are bad for boxing”.

“I understand why fighters and promoters want it, it’s a business, but it’s bad for the sport,” he added.

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