Garden City High School Students Debate at a World Conference

GARDEN CITY, NY – Garden City High School sophomores Emma Harty, Nicole Nallan, Brady Noll, Kathryn Kade, Emily Metz and Anna Cooke attended a three-day Model United Nations conference last month. The conference, sponsored by Global Citizen MUN, was held at the Times Square Hilton.

To prepare for the conference, students had to conduct research and write position papers on topics such as the regulation of lethal autonomous weapons, managing the digital divide between and within nations, and the rights of non-state territories. autonomous.

The Garden City delegation represented the interests of their assigned countries on various committees and worked with hundreds of students around the world to debate, discuss, and create resolutions to issues.

During the three-day conference, students heard from representatives of the Mexican, Dutch, Italian, and Canadian missions to the United Nations, as well as a speech by Martin Luther King III. They practiced the skills of effective public speaking, writing resolutions and using parliamentary procedures. Additionally, students learned the importance of listening and diplomacy in solving global issues.

The conference concluded with the passing of resolutions and a ceremony at which Emma Harty and Brady Noll won delegate awards.

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