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A University of California free speech conference has turned into a microcosm of the free speech battles that regularly take place on U.S. college campuses after student activists show up at the event in Washington on Thursday and interrupted speakers to advocate for increases for graduate teaching assistants in the system.

The handful of undergraduate students representing COLA for All, a group pushing for a monthly cost-of-living adjustment of $ 1,412, or COLA, for teaching assistants on all UC campuses, are standing by. are sometimes held in front and interrupted speakers and panelists at # SpeechMatters2020, which was hosted by UC’s National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement. The protesters, who study at the center of Washington’s university system, said it was ironic that the conference addressed how institutions should allow campus activists to speak out with respect while, at the same time, Conference organizers were moving protesters to the side of the stage to prevent their posters from blocking the view of members of the public of speakers on the stage.

Protesters were holding placards describing information about the California Teaching Assistants’ strike and calling on UC President Janet Napolitano, who was seated in the front row, to resign.

Michelle Deutchman, executive director of the center, told the students they could stay but couldn’t disrupt the speakers. She used the recommended language that UC Irvine includes in its policy to “prevent and respond to disruptions in real time”.

It was “appropriate” to attend a live demonstration at a conference focusing on the campus protests and their treatment, said Akshita Gandra, a UC Davis student who attended the conference and is UC National Center Valuing Open and Inclusive Conversation and Engagement recipient. Gandra said she understood protesters’ frustration over graduate student salaries, which has been a constant problem since arriving at the Davis campus four years ago.

“Maybe it was good to give them five minutes on the microphone to talk about the cause,” Gandra said of the protesters.

Protesters Missy Hart and Jazleez Jacobo accused conference leaders of silencing them.

“Why are you censoring me? Jacobo said he was driven to the side of the conference stage. “It goes hand in hand with the tactics the university uses to silence us. Yeah, everyone has access to freedom of expression, we have the right to demonstrate, but did we do it within the framework?

Protesters compared their treatment at the conference to clashes between police and protesters at UC Santa Cruz, such as earlier this month when 17 protesters on campus were arrested for illegal assembly and non-dispersal. Graduate teaching assistants have been protesting and striking since December, demanding a pay rise to help them cope with the high cost of living in California.

UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara graduate students joined the strike on Thursday – labeled a “wildcat” strike because it was not approved by United Auto Workers Local 2865, the union representing 19,000 student workers in the UC system. UC Santa Cruz graduate students participating in the strike have refused to submit their grades for the fall 2019 term, and UC Davis graduate students will follow suit for the winter term, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Jacobo said the strike, which is now spreading to other UC campuses, will have a ripple effect on undergraduates, some of whom have not received their fall grades and are at risk of have their classes canceled.

“As undergraduates, we are not protected by anything,” Jacobo said. “So when I can’t take my classes or someone else can’t continue their education… they’re not going to take that into account. “

Hart and Jacobo said they and others were frustrated by Napolitano’s refusal to engage with them at the conference, which Jacobo called a “spectacle.”

Administrators facing protests on their campuses “are navigating dangerous waters,” Deutchman said in an interview before the conference began. She said she sympathizes with institutional leaders who struggle to balance the rights of students to speak out and protect the rights of students who feel wronged by certain types of speech.

“I have a lot of admiration for them, not just because they are the ones who are sometimes criticized, but sometimes they are forced to defend someone’s right to come to campus,” Deutchman said.

Napolitano did not address or recognize the protesters who remained silent and held up signs during his opening speech at the start of the conference. But in an interview the day before the conference, she discussed some of the challenges university administrators face when scheduled events and speakers spark controversy.

“Sometimes the protest activity takes the form of stopping speech,” Napolitano said. “It’s a tough problem for university administrators – are you bringing all the students up to the student conduct charge?” Are you trying to make arrests? Do you apologize and move on? It is a decision-making framework that university rectors must go through.

At the time of the conference’s final panel, in which Napolitano and others were scheduled to discuss the “executive’s perspectives on free speech on campus,” Deutchman announced that the conference was over time and that the panel was canceled. Protesters said they planned to use the panel as an opportunity to confront Napolitano about the increases for teaching assistants.

“Protests and participation are not always easy, and they can often reshape our programs, as they have done today,” Deutchman said after the conference. “But they remain of crucial importance for the proper functioning of our democracy, and today we had the opportunity to see it in action.”

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FREE SPEECH CONFERENCE TO BE HELD ON UNCG CAMPUS | Education Wed, 16 Oct 2019 07:00:00 +0000

Greensboro, North Carolina—The UNCG Department of Communication, with major funding from the National Communication Association, presents “Finding Expression in Contested Public Spaces: Free Speech Conference 2019” on Thursday and Friday October 24 and 25 in the Virginia Dare room of the House of the Elders on the UNCG campus.

The conference is designed to affirm the principles of freedom of expression, highlight scientific contributions and present community presentations addressing current concerns, debates and promises of free speech. Students, community members and faculty will share their scholarships, creative products, and advocacy interventions on contested campus and community issues. Conference organizer Dr Spoma Jovanovic is Professor of Communication Studies and 2019-2010 Fellow of the National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement at the University of California.

Thursday nightly activities, 7-9 p.m., will feature the memory of the Greensboro Massacre with 40 seconds of silence and an opening speech, “Tribalism, Voicelessness and the Problem of Free Speech Presented by Dr. Eric King Watts of UNC-Chapel Hill before concluding with light refreshments. Dr Watts will examine the role post-truth plays in producing and amplifying intensely antagonistic audiences. He will discuss recent incidents of racial violence and controversies surrounding (anti) immigration policies and practices – acts that materialize that matter and that don’t – to examine how loud and angry voices are raised that make increasingly speechless democratic politics.

Friday, hourly sessions from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., will explore a variety of issues related to the controversies and teaching of the First Amendment, freedom of speech, and public expression, including: freedom of speech and popular music, video games, participatory democracy, controversies surrounding public monuments, rights of the homeless, speakers’ corners around the world, nonviolent mass movements and free speech laws on campus. Each session will include time for questions and answers.

The conference extends the commitment of the Department of Communication Studies at UNCG to deepen civic learning in the discipline and builds on the success of three previous symposia on the theme of Communication and Democracy organized by the department. since 2017.

Find expression in contested public spaces
Conference on Freedom of Expression 24-25 October 2019 Salle Virginia Dare, UNCG

THURSDAY – 10/24/19

7:00 p.m.-9: 00 p.m .: Welcome, Greensboro Massacre 40e Commemoration and opening speech

Welcome and 40 seconds of silence in commemoration of the Greensboro massacre

Dr Spoma Jovanovic, UNC Greensboro

Keynote Address: Tribalism, Lack of Voice and the Problem of Freedom of Expression

Dr Eric King Watts, UNC Chapel Hill

FRIDAY – 25/10/19

8: 00-8: 50 a.m .: Pedagogy and the 1st Amendment

Moderator: Dr. Spoma Jovanvoic, UNCG Department of Communication Studies

Welcome remarks

Dr. John Kiss, Dean of UNCG of the College of Arts and Sciences

Music as communication activism: educating for freedom through an interdisciplinary service-learning project

Mark Congdon Jr. and Lamera Palmer, The College of Saint Rose

Video games as freedom of expression: reproducing inequalities and pushing justice to the margins

Marina Lambrinou, UNC Greensboro and Yacine Kout, University of North Georgia

9: 00-9: 50 a.m .: Academic freedom and freedom of expression on campus

Moderator: Michael Frierson, UNCG chapter of AAUP

The freedom to listen

Lisbeth Lipari, Denison University

The First Amendment and the NC Campus Free Speech Act: their application to public universities in North Carolina

Jerry Blakemore. UNC Greensboro

Bypass the clear and present danger test

Craig Smith, California State University, Long Beach

10: 00-10: 50 a.m .: Contested public spaces

Moderator: Anna Fesmire, League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad

Legislate memory: accommodate challenges to public monuments

Laura Ricciardi, State University of New York at Purchase College

Social power and the right to the city: homelessness, access to public space, activism and

First amendment

Marcus Hyde, UNC Greensboro and Gary Kenton and Zalonda Woods, community members

Video of activists from local Greensboro leaders funded by the UNCG-Mellon Foundation

11: 00-11: 50 a.m .: Limits of freedom of expression and expression

Moderator: Dr Roy Schwartzman, UNCG Department of Communication Studies

Greensboro, 1963: Mass nonviolence at the frontiers of free speech

Thomas Jackson, UNC Greensboro

Money, Speech and Power: Participatory Budgeting as a Path to Free Speech in Public Spending

Vincent Russell and Therese Gardner, University of Colorado, Boulder

Speakers’ corners around the world

Spoma Jovanovic, UNC Greensboro

13h00-13h50: Violence, Hatred, Control of freedom of expression

Moderator: Holly Williams, UNCG Department of Communication Studies

Identity and Free Speech: The Social Justice Rhetoric of African American Women

Sarah Hollingsworth, Oklahoma State University

Balancing the Goods of Speech in a Postmodern Historical Moment

David Errera, Duquesne University

A Safe Space for the White Race: An Interrogation of White Nationalist Propaganda on College Campuses

Gabriel Cruz, High Point University and Patrick Sawyer, UNC Greensboro

14h00-14h50: Talk about Race

Moderator: Doris Wesley, UNCG Department of Communication Studies

Powerful unpacking of the Race Talk

Sonny Kelly and Elizabeth M. Melton, UNC Chapel Hill

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International Conference on Food Security – Venue Thu, 10 Oct 2019 16:46:57 +0000

II. Location address

African Union Headquarters | Roosevelt Street (old airport area) | W21K19 | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | Phone. : (251) 11 551 77 00 | Fax: (251) 11 551 78 44

III. Working languages

Simultaneous interpretation and conference material will be provided in the official languages ​​of the UN and AU.

IV. Conference material

Conference documents will be available on the dedicated conference website ( Participants are encouraged to use personal laptops / tablets during the Conference, as the Conference will generally be paperless. Only the program of the meeting and the selected documents will be provided in hard copy.

V. Registration

Access to AU territory and the AU Conference Center will only be permitted to registered participants. Participants must register online before January 29, 2019, by following the individual link provided by the organizers. Online registrations will close on January 29. Registered participants will receive two badges at the door of the AU Headquarters, namely a security badge to access the AU compound and a Conference badge to enter the meeting venue.

To receive a personal registration link, please write to [email protected]

VI. Travel and hotel accommodation

Informal booking for non-sponsored participants was made at two hotels:

  • The Hilton has reserved rooms for conference attendees from February 11-13 ($ 160 / night). Reservations can be made directly online by clicking on here.
  • The Nexus Hotel has agreed to block rooms. To guarantee AU negotiated rates (US $ 68 / night), reservations can be made by email directly [email protected]

VII. Land transportation

All confirmed participants will be picked up from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and dropped off at their respective hotel, one of the recommended hotels.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you change your travel plans.

VIII. Catering service

A buffet lunch, coffee, tea and refreshments will be served on both days of the Conference. A welcome cocktail to the Conference will be organized on site on February 12, 2019.

IX. Medical assistance

The African Union Clinic will provide medical assistance to meeting participants. Participants will need to bring their conference badge when they come to the Clinic. Any invoice incurred outside the AU will be the responsibility of the participant.

X. Visa information

  • For the participants of this conference, arrangements are made for the issuance of visas on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The AU will prepare a Note Verbale approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia with the names of the participants who choose to obtain a visa at the airport.

To note: Participants who will receive their visa upon arrival at the airport are kindly requested to have with them the printed note verbale and the letter of invitation.

  • In addition, Ethiopia entry visa for can be obtained in any of the following options for which applicants should consider that no support can be provided by the co-organizers:
    • In line: For related information, please visit:
      To note: For the electronic visa application, the note verbale is different from the note verbale to support visa issuance at the airport. Please contact [email protected] for support.
    • To the Ethiopian consulates in the countries of the participants.

XI. Weather situation

Addis Ababa has two main seasons: a dry season from November to February, and for the rest of the year, a rainy season, divided into “light rains” and “heavy rains”. In February, the daytime periods are expected to become relatively warm with average temperatures of around 22 ° C at its highest and 8 ° C at its lowest.

XII. Currency

The local currency is the Ethiopian Birr (ETB) and is used for transactions across the country. The most readily convertible foreign currencies are the US dollar, euro and pound sterling, and US $ 1 Birr 28.0617 (official rate from 10e January 2019, actual rates may vary). Money can be changed from US dollar, Euro and British pound to ETB at the airport, at banks, as well as at hotels where there is a bureau de change.

Addis Ababa hotels will accept ETB, and most will accept Visa, MasterCard and cash payments in US dollars. Please note that upon departure you will need to exchange all your Birr for foreign currency. To do this, you should keep the receipt provided to you when converting foreign currency to Birr.

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AI & Blockchain Summit – Largest conference venue of 2019 Thu, 12 Sep 2019 07:00:00 +0000
  • AI and Blockchain Summit at Smart City World Congress
  • November 19-21, 2019
  • Gran Via Hall, Barcelona, ​​Spain

InnMind, the world’s leading business ecosystem for the innovation-driven community, hosts the 3rd edition of the Blockchain Leadership Summit, which will constitute an important part of World Smart City Congress, one of the top 10 annual events for the global industry.

The largest Barcelona-based venue is slated to bring together more than 35,000 industry and business leaders, academics and politicians, investors and financial institutions, leading startups and other guests for a Dedicated 3-day program. IBM, Bosch, Ripple and other industry giants have already confirmed their status as official BLS partners, which provides direct access to establishing long-term business partnerships and the ability to meet representatives in person. .

Partners confirmed at SCEWC and AI & Blockchain Summit

Partners confirmed at SCEWC and AI & Blockchain Summit

The main areas of focus of the conference will be built around artificial intelligence, the future of blockchain technology, IoT, real-world applications, business cases and hands-on experience of the technological implementation in industry and public sectors.

While covering the most discussed topics in the world, the InnMind team is preparing a start-up competition as one of the key events of the summit, bringing together the most anticipated start-ups in front of the best funds and investors from the United States. United and Europe. Using the power of InnMind’s strong network, leading start-ups will have the chance to personally meet the most active VCs from around the world and be noticed by European accelerators.

“The Smart City Expo World Congress is important to us because we can meet with cities around the world to discuss the challenges they face. It’s a big event, with great ideas and opportunities to work together to make things better in a reactive way. – Pete Daw, Director, Environment and Urban Development at Siemens.

Angelo Fasola, CEO of TrustmeUp, Alex Schkor, the founder of DEIP, Luis Gelado, co-founder and CEO of GeoDB, and other brilliant talents from the world of Blockchain technology will deliver their speeches on the stage of the AI ​​& Blockchain Summit! The new business models of nonprofits, the protection of intellectual property using blockchain and other “on-radar” topics will be discussed at the summit.

As the successful organizer of the last two Blockchain Leadership Summit events in Switzerland, this year’s conference is expected to provide even more opportunities for all types of audiences, from industry experts and speakers to world-class international investors and to exceptional start-ups. The program is multifunctionally designed as it combines informative forums, creative workshops, start-up pitches and much more to engage everyone depending on the area of ​​interest.

Image 3

  • Business development opportunities
  • Innovation-driven environment
  • Progressive networking
  • Precious links

This is only a small part of what any guest should expect from the AI ​​& Blockchain Summit! Over 30,000 attendees with over 400 speakers from over 140 countries will be there to share experiences and knowledge, which are intended to shape the future of smart cities, AI and blockchain.

AI & Blockchain Summit on Smart City Congress: November 19-21, Barcelona.

More information:

Seat reservation / partnership:

This is a paid press release Cointelegraph does not endorse and is not responsible for the content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products or other elements of this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any business related action. Cointelegraph is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or allegedly caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, good or service mentioned in the press release.

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Zanu-PF approves conference venue – bulawayo24 news Mon, 12 Aug 2019 07:00:00 +0000

Zanu-PF on Thursday approved the new venue for the annual conference, Murape High School in Dema, Seke, with preparations for the rally in full swing.

The new location was chosen after state security officials condemned Mandedza High School, citing security threats posed by overhead power cables hanging over the school.

A delegation from the party’s national headquarters, led by administration director Dickson Dzora, met the pillars of the provincial party at the Murape school on Thursday, where they approved the new venue.

The delegation said, however, that it would scrutinize the area and await “further confirmation” from other departments.

Lawmaker Seke Munyaradzi Kashambe, whose constituency is hosting the conference, which will be attended by thousands of local and international delegates, yesterday confirmed the development.

“I confirm that the proposed new location was approved after senior Zanu-PF officials visited the area last week. The new location is now the Murape school and preparations have already started. The original location was Mandedza, but we all know it was doomed before we moved to Murape. We are honored as a constituency of Seke to host this event and we are looking to benefit from massive development, ”he said.

Last year, Zanu-PF National President Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri said the government will ensure that any area hosting the indaba party is massively developed through borehole drilling, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure such as roads, among others.

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Aberdeen’s stunning new events and conference venue declared open Thu, 08 Aug 2019 07:00:00 +0000

P&J LIVE: Aberdeen’s stunning new conference and events venue declared open

Calendar An icon of a desk calendar.

to cancel An icon of a circle with a diagonal line across.

Caret A block arrow icon pointing right.

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Linked to An icon of the Linked In “in” brand.

Sign out An icon representing disconnection.

Profile An icon that resembles the human head and shoulders.

Telephone An icon of a traditional telephone receiver.

Check A check mark icon.

is public An icon of a human eye and eyelashes.

is not public An icon depicting a human eye and eyelashes crossed by a diagonal line.

Case An icon of a paper folder.

Breaking An icon of an exclamation mark on a circular background.

Camera An icon of a digital camera.

Caret An icon of a caret arrow.

Clock An icon of a clock face.

To close An icon shaped like an X.

Ellipse A horizontal 3 dots icon.

Envelope An icon of a paper envelope.

Facebook An icon of a facebook logo f.

Camera An icon of a digital camera.

Residence An icon of a house.

Instagram An Instagram logo icon.

Linked to A Linked In logo icon.

Magnifying glass An icon of a magnifying glass.

Next An arrow icon pointing to the right.

Opinion An explanatory mark centered within a circle.

Previous An arrow icon pointing left.

Evaluation A star icon.

Label An icon of a tag.

Twitter A Twitter logo icon.

Video camera An icon of a video camera shape.

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Halal certified conference room kitchens Fri, 01 Mar 2019 08:00:00 +0000

The kitchens at Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Center (Mitec) have been halal certified by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim).

All its kitchens, including the Main Kitchen (comprising Chinese, Malaysian and Western cuisines), Butcher – Meat, Butcher – Seafood, Commissary Kitchen, Fruit and Vegetable Kitchen, Pantry Kitchen and Pastry Kitchen and bakery, received their individual Halal certificates from Jakim.

Halal certification authenticates Mitec’s audit by Jakim and provides assurance that the food prepared in its kitchens complies with strict Islamic requirements while respecting the conditions of quality, hygiene and wholesomeness.

Jakim awarded the certification after an on-site inspection, detailed assessment and assessment, and recommendations on halal compliance which took approximately four months.

Mitec CEO Gunther Beissel said that as a world-class venue Mitec has always been aware of the importance of ensuring that the halal concept not only applies to food preparation. , but also to the process of managing the storage and handling of raw materials. as well as purchases.

“We have established a Halal committee to oversee and maintain our Halal standard and we are very proud to receive Halal certification for all of our kitchens in just over a year of operation.

“The certification will also boost the confidence of our customers and guests,” he said.

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Work at the conference venue impresses Zanu-PF Mon, 03 Dec 2018 08:00:00 +0000

The Chronicle

Pamela Shumba / Leonard Ncube, columnists
ZANU-PF National President Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri and the National Coordinating Committee yesterday met with provincial leaders in Esigodini in preparation for the party’s 17th National People’s Conference.

The conference will be held at Mzingwane High School, Esigodini, South Matabeleland from December 10-15.

Speaking after the meeting and while visiting the venue, Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri said she was impressed with the work done so far to improve the school facilities.

“We’re counting down the days until the big event and we’re here to assess the progress on the pitch. I must say I am impressed.

“People worked around the clock and the work is amazing. We hope that by Sunday most of the work will be completed. We come back on Sunday for another assessment before the arrival of the delegates, ”Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri said.

She said the party had invested heavily in raising the dilapidated Mzingwane High School.

Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri said the water and sanitation issues had been resolved to prevent a cholera epidemic.

“We discourage people from bringing cooked food to avoid disasters. This is why we have invited the provincial leaders to ensure that all party members respect the rules and regulations that we have established.

“Adequate arrangements have been made to ensure that potable water will be available throughout the conference. We were also assured that the toilets, which are in a deplorable condition, will be refurbished before the start of the conference.

“Our environmental service has also set up around 100 monitors who collect waste to ensure that the environment is clean at all times,” Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri said.

She urged the national coordinating committee to give local businessmen the opportunity to provide services and products to benefit from hosting the conference.

Meanwhile, Zanu-PF supporters in North Matabeleland have decided to support President Mnangagwa for another term in the upcoming harmonized elections in 2023 to complete the development projects he has launched.

The party yesterday held an interdistrict provincial meeting at its provincial offices in Lupane, where a number of resolutions were taken ahead of the 17th Annual National People’s Conference.

– @ pamelashumba1 – @ncubeleon

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Siena gears up for free speech conference Thu, 12 Apr 2018 07:00:00 +0000 COLONY – Organizers of a free speech conference at Siena College insist they want Sunday’s event to be civil and thoughtful. We do not know if they will achieve their wish.

The conference features several prominent and controversial figures in conservative and libertarian politics, including self-proclaimed political “dirty trickster” Roger Stone.

The weeks leading up to the Siena event were marked by the types of controversies that witnessed similar gatherings on campuses across the country. Among the questions raised: Should we limit the number of people who can be invited to speak on campus?

In a recent interview, the presidents of the three conservative campus organizations behind the event made it clear that they didn’t want this to turn into a chaotic melee, let alone riots sparked by recent visits to the event. ‘alt-right. figures at the University of California’s Berkeley campus.

“The aim of the conference is to educate students about freedom of expression, how it affects them and its importance for their country,” said Antonio Bianchi, junior of Siena, president of Turning Point Siena .

Bianchi hosted the event with Alec Barkett, president of the Siena College chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, and Michael Bove, president of Siena’s College Republicans.

All said they focused on inviting speakers who could talk about free speech from multiple angles and help balance what they saw as a liberal tilt among former speakers on campus.

Stone is expected to discuss free speech on social media. The longtime political adviser, lobbyist and author was recently banned from Twitter. Special Advocate Robert Mueller has been investigating Stone’s contacts with Wikileaks in connection with the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential race, according to numerous recent reports.

James O’Keefe, who will speak on free speech in the media, heads a Mamaroneck-based nonprofit called Project Veritas. The conservative provocateur has made his career trying to expose what he describes as liberal media bias and left-wing hypocrisy, frequently through undercover videos.

The group has been denounced for its disappointments. Last fall, a Project Veritas member named Jamie Phillips approached The Washington Post with his account of an affair with Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama, whose campaign was reeling from multiple allegations of his. relationships with underage girls. Phillips told the Post – which broke the original story about Moore’s relationship with underage girls – that he pregnant her when she was a teenager.

The Post exposed his ruse in a story that included a video of its reporter confronting Phillips about his deception.

Other Sunday speakers include Christian Ragosta, a field coordinator for the National Rifle Association; Austin Petersen, a libertarian political candidate; Nico Perrino, communications director of the Foundation for the Rights of the Individual in Education; and Kassy Dillon, founder of the Lone Conservative website.

Payments to lecturers are paid with student activity fees. It is only open to people with a valid Siena ID card.

There will be a protest outside the conference, and students and faculty plan to attend to pose tough questions to speakers, said Jim LaValle, president of the Siena Democrats’ Club. He said he encouraged those inside and outside the conference not to be disruptive.

“Use your First Amendment rights the way they use it – but don’t put anything across the line, don’t incite anything,” he said.

Bianchi said he contacted other student organizations to invite them to participate in the event, but none agreed.

LaValle, however, said no one had reached out to his group.

“Why is it now just a platform for conservative speakers and pundits who have a turbulent history marked with racist and inflammatory comments?” ” he said. “Why have we never had the opportunity to provide a different point of view? “

And there was also a decline on the part of the teachers. Jenn McErlean, professor of philosophy, resigned from a committee that had been formed to develop methods of civil speech on campus because she did not want to work with students like Bianchi, according to an email sent to the Times Union .

Roy Gutterman, director of the Tully Center for Free Speech at Syracuse University’s SI Newhouse School of Public Communications, said in today’s politically charged national climate, college campuses are a precarious place for free speech.

“There is not a lot of tolerance,” he said.

There is also a belief in some conservative circles that the right to speak of right-wing students is more likely to be restricted in the name of “political correctness.”

“There is some validity behind it,” Gutterman said. “When you see people who think they’re being censored or punished, they’re usually right-wing politicians, and that seems to be the way college campuses have evolved. “

These issues were discussed for two days in “Shall Make No Law: An Exploration of Current First Amendment Issues on College Campuses,” a two-day session hosted Wednesday and Thursday by Albany State University. and organized by the Office of the General Counsel of the SUNY System. A round table was entitled “Campus Unrest – The New Normal? “

In Siena, Bianchi, Barkett and Bove pointed out that the school administration has supported them since they started planning the event at the start of last semester. The pushback, they said, came from the faculty.

“And we had to clarify to them: even if you don’t like some of the people who come to this conference, neither do we,” Bianchi said. “We don’t agree with everything people at this conference have done or said.”

Siena College President Elder F. Ed Coughlin has said conferences and events like this are a balancing act.

“You’re still trying to deal with this tension,” he said. because of their reputation, have values ​​that are very opposite or in contrast to the values ​​of the college? “

Gutterman, who also teaches journalism and media ethics in Syracuse, said private colleges such as Siena have much more leeway in deciding how to handle free speech issues on campus than public universities.

“I think you can’t have a college education without freedom of speech,” he said. “Just because someone brings a speaker to campus doesn’t mean you believe what they say. “

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Roger Stone and James O’Keefe scheduled for Siena “free speech conference” Thu, 01 Mar 2018 08:00:00 +0000 COLONY – The Siena College Republican Club, Young Americans for Liberty and the Siena Chapter of Turning Point USA will be hosting a one-day “free speech conference” next month that is expected to feature political figures Roger Stone and James O ‘Keefe.

The Sunday April 15 event will also feature other conservative and libertarian speakers.

Stone is a political advisor, lobbyist, and author with a long history in Republican politics. Self-described “dirty trickster” debuted during President Richard Nixon’s re-election campaign in 1972. In 1980, Stone co-founded Washington, DC-based lobbying firm Black, Manafort, Stone with Paul Manafort, who would manage Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign for several key months. (Manafort faces more than 30 federal charges brought by Special Advocate Robert Mueller, alleging his role in a decade-long money laundering program.)

Stone was one of the first advisers to Trump’s presidential effort, but left the campaign in August 2015. The two have remained in touch. Stone appeared before the House Intelligence Committee last September in a closed-door session to answer questions about Russian interference in the presidential election; The stone has vehemently denied there was collusion between the countryside and foreign elements.

Closer to home, Stone was the campaign manager for the 2010 campaign for governor of “Manhattan Madam” Kristin Davis.

O’Keefe is a conservative provocateur who has made his career trying to expose what he describes as liberal media bias and left-wing hypocrisy, frequently through secret videos. The majority of his work is carried out through a Mamaroneck-based non-profit organization called Project Veritas.

He gained notoriety in 2009 for several videos that led to the demise of ACORN, an organization that promoted healthcare and voter registration in low-income communities. The videos showed O’Keefe seeking advice on how to start a brothel.

In this and other controversies, O’Keefe has been criticized for using deceptive techniques, including selective sequence editing. He employed even more dubious tactics: In 2010, O’Keefe pleaded guilty in Louisiana to entering the office of US Senator Mary Landrieu under false pretenses. He was sentenced to a fine and three years of probation and community service.

Last fall, O’Keefe received heavy criticism after a woman he hired tried to spread a false story in the Washington Post. Jamie Phillips, a member of Project Veritas, told the Post that Alabama Republican candidate for the US Senate Judge Roy Moore – whose campaign was rocked by multiple allegations of his relationships with underage girls – had it. pregnant when she was a teenager.

The Post exposed the ruse in a story that included a video of his reporter confronting Phillips about his deception.

Other speakers announced at the Siena event include Christian Ragosta, field coordinator for the National Rifle Association; Austin Petersen, a libertarian political candidate; Nico Perrino, communications director of the Foundation for the Rights of the Individual in Education; Kassy Dillon, founder of the Lone Conservative website;

Free speech conferences have been organized by conservative academic groups across the country, particularly Turning Point USA. Collegiate sections of groups often invite controversial right-wing speakers in to draw attention to their activities and push the boundaries of acceptable discourse in a given academic setting.

Last September, UCLA canceled Free Speech Week after the college’s Turning Point USA chapter invited conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, a former member of the Breitbart media empire criticized for his bashing of feminists and Muslims , among others. The invitation led to numerous protests from groups on campus as well as outside progressive organizations.

Emails to the organizers of the Siena event were not immediately returned.

Siena College spokeswoman Lisa Witkowski said the event was approved by the college’s student life administration. It’s coordinated by the student groups, and Witkowski said she didn’t know what the speakers at the event would be talking about specifically or the titles of their speeches.

According to a conference registration page, it is only open to current Siena students, faculty and staff. Those attending the event must show Siena ID at the door.

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