Farmer Named Chairman of Athletic Conference | Local News

Weatherford College President Tod Allen Farmer is now president of the Northern Texas Junior College Athletic Conference.

As conference chair, he will lead the NTJCAC Executive Committee, which includes incoming chair Dr. Thad Anglin of Cisco College, past chair Dr. Dusty Johnston of Vernon College, and conference commissioner Stan Feaster. from Ranger College.

Feaster said Farmer’s presidential duties began June 1 and will run through 2024.

“The conference president and the conference commissioner work closely together to manage the affairs of the conference related to athletics,” Feaster said. “As Commissioner, I am very pleased to have Dr. Farmer lead our NTJCAC for the next two years.”

In his role as conference president, Farmer will have the chance to advocate for member schools and weigh in on a myriad of other important sporting issues, including the organization of regional tournaments and any proposed changes to tournament protocol for members of region V.

“I’m a big fan of athletics,” Farmer said. “I believe there are important lessons to be learned in competitive sport such as teamwork, determination and overcoming adversity. Additionally, I believe that the same discipline that leads to success on competition surfaces leads to success in the classroom.”

The NTJCAC, which includes 11 community colleges, will hold its fall conference in emerging technologies and building the WC workforce on Friday, September 9.

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