FANS Organized International Conference on Cyber ​​World Dynamics and Paradigms 2022 to Make India a Cyber ​​Secure Nation

New Delhi [India], August 8 (ANI/PNN): The Forum for National Security Awareness (FANS) organized a two-day International Summit Conference on Cyberworld Dynamics and Paradigms (ICDPC-2022) on August 5-6 2022 at the Ambedkar International Center in Delhi. The main objective of the conference, known as “Ground Zero”, was to raise awareness about cyberspace and the growing threat of cyber warfare in its many forms.

India has historically produced the concept of zero as a number. Such being India’s historical contributions, it is high time for India to secure its presence and dominance in cyberspace, which is basically the framework of zero and one. The summit’s name, “Ground Zero”, carries the essence of this potential and purpose. The inaugural sessions of the summit were attended by Minister of State (Lok Sabha) Arjun Ram Meghwal, Rajya Sabha Member Naresh Bansal, Cabinet Minister Raj Kumar Singh, Senior Head of RSS and its National Executive Member Indresh Kumar. Other dignitaries included Golok Behari Rai, Lt. Gen. Rajesh Pant, RN Singh, Dr. Ram Rakkappan and representatives from Indian Defense Services and Indian Civil Services, academics, researchers, think tanks , cyber professionals and journalists not only from India but also from the United States and Israel.

Meghwal, in his speech on the occasion, highlighted how effective enforcement of data protection law can give India leverage while mitigating social unrest for such misinformation. Lt. Gen. Rajesh Pant remarked while talking about India’s global cybersecurity stance that India is on track to build a ‘sovereign cyberspace’ and now stands as the 10th country in United Nations (ITU) Global Cybersecurity Index. Indresh Kumar, in his keynote address, said that India, to successfully fight cyber warfare, should adopt “mission mode” rather than “consumerism mode”.

The conference brought together around 1000 participants who participated online and offline. The summit, consisting of a sequence of events, was organized to inform participants from different fields about the sophisticated nature of the virtual world, cyberattacks at the individual and mass levels, the weaponization of information, the dark web , the psychological manipulation of the state apparatus and the need for well-trained professionals who ensure that Bharat becomes a cyber-secure nation. The conference involved several forms of interactive sessions, hands-on training, knowledge sharing in the form of panel discussions, workshops, virtual sessions and parallel sessions where renowned security experts including Oded Awaskar, Amir Shimon Groman, Yitzhak Levy, etc. hosted workshops and delivered keynote speeches on cutting-edge cyberspace challenges including phishing, password leaks, SOCs, corporate cybersecurity, 1-day vulnerabilities, and 0-day concepts , etc. In one of the main panel discussions, Dr. Karnika Seth, Shweta A. Chawla and Major Neha Patel (Rtd.) discussed a thought-provoking panel discussion on “Women in Cybersecurity”, where the main concerns were the role women in cybersecurity; cyberspace as a neutral, non-discriminatory and fair playing field for all and reflections on how to increase the participation of women in this field. IPS Brijesh Singh moderated a dedicated session on “Social Media, Fake News and Information Spinning” where he detailed the challenges and issues from an administrative perspective while addressing cyber disinformation .

Alok Vijayant, Head of Organization and Cyber ​​Evangelist, said, “The main objective of this ICDPC-2022 conference, aka the Ground Zero Summit, was to raise awareness about cyberspace and its ever-changing scenario in the context of global power dynamics. In India, in the next few years, we will become the most populous country in the world, which would imply that a large number of our citizens will interact in cyberspace. As cyber warfare becomes a very common weapon used alongside traditional warfare in global power dynamics, we must be prepared for the challenge, and Ground Zero has proven to be a pivotal event in this regard.” added, “The key takeaways from the conference have been passed on to the Indian government, and we are hopeful that in the coming days, the government will come up with a stronger and more robust cybersecurity policy that will enable stakeholders to more effectively mitigate the threats. cyber threats at different levels.”

The two-day conference concluded with the celebration of the Har Ghar Tiranga campaign launched by the Indian government. All participants took the oath of “Ek Bharata! Atmanirbhar Bharata! Shreshtha Bharata.” The Forum for National Security Awareness (FANS) has also pledged to work with its various state chapters to develop “Cyber ​​Sangharsh Senani” (CSS) i.e. cyber warriors and raise awareness citizens about it. This story is provided by PNN. ANI shall in no way be responsible for the content of this article. (ANI/PNN)

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