End of the first day of the YPJ – ANHA conference | HAWARNEWS

The Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) have just completed the work of the first day of their third conference under the slogan “Guarantor of women’s freedom, protection of land and defeat of occupation”, in the presence of 400 female members and led by the two members of the general command, Nowruz Ahmed and Suzdar Dirk.

The opening speech started by the member of the General Command of the Women’s Protection Units, Nowruz Ahmed, and a speech for the Kongra Star by Lilav Hassan, the speech of the Women’s Protection Forces – Zainab Afrin, and the speech of Hamdiya Kuti, the mother of the main martyr and founder of Units, Jenda Ronahi.

The conference discussed the political and military situations that the world is witnessing, especially the Middle East, including Syria, the Kurdish arena and northern and eastern Syria.

The units have completed their conference agenda for day one, distributing the annual report to members attending the conference for reading, and for discussion on day two of the conference tomorrow.

According to the program of the conference for its second day, the Women’s Protection Units are due to finish their third conference tomorrow, which will include the reading of the annual report of the activities and work of the Women’s Protection Units, the discussion of the organizational situation, reviewing and modifying the internal system and making recommendations.



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