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We finally have a brand new challenger for the undisputed WWE Universal Championship titles of Roman Reigns. And as a shock to all, it was WWE’s unlikely new signing, Logan Paul. WWE has officially confirmed the Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul match for Crown Jewel on November 5 in Saudi Arabia.

It all started when Roman was invited as a guest on Logan’s IMPULSIVE podcast this week. It looked like a fun conversation between all the members present that ended on a high note. But after the tribal leader left, Logan started talking about him behind his back with his friends on the podcast. He even claimed he could beat Roman one-on-one on the spot.

How did the fight between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul start for a WWE match?

Logan Paul said: “…put me against Roman Reigns now, I think I can win. I’ll say it on camera…Me and Roman Reigns one-on-one, this is my match. (1:13:44-1:14:52)

He even bragged about his accomplishments like his boxing match against former champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his SummerSlam victory against The Miz. This led Roman to get upset and respond to him by asking his sage Paul Heyman to handle the situation, which he did and even got Paul to respond. This led to Triple H getting involved in the mix and taking the social media star to SmackDown to clear up the situation.

How did Logan Paul win an undisputed WWE Universal Championship match?

On SmackDown, Logan opened the show and called Reigns into the ring, leading to Bloodline featuring Paul Heyman and Sami Zayn interrupting him and ending with a punch to the jaw from Sami Zayn. In the next match between Sami and Ricochet, he even helped Ricochet to victory.

It was later announced on social media by official WWE handlers that they would indeed meet in the ring at Crown Jewel on November 5 at Mrsool Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The YouTube sensation even dared Roman to show up at the show’s official Las Vegas press conference.

What Happened at the Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul WWE Press Conference?

The press conference itself held at the Dawg House Saloon & Sportsbook, Las Vegas was explosive to say the least. While answering questions from the media, Roman Reigns explained why he won the match. He said that since he was the face of the company, and they want him to crush Logan Paul in Saudi Arabia, he will.

Roman said“Because I’m a good tribal leader… it’s my obligation to support this business. If that’s what they need me to do, crush Logan Paul in Saudi Arabia, then that’s what I do” (42:51 to 43:12)

Logan himself didn’t hold back either and goaded the tribal leader into calling him Paul Heyman’s boy. For this, Roman stood up from his seat and pushed Paul aggressively, prompting Triple H to intervene.

Whether you like him or not as a valid challenger, Logan Paul is a social media juggernaut with a total of 33.6 million followers across all social media platforms and a total of 7.45 billion views on his YouTube. He brings an incredible number of them to the WWE Universe and these are stats that WWE simply cannot ignore. This is the reason why he is the main event Cown Jewel and this fact, even Roman acknowledged it during the conference.

Roman has been announced for next week’s SmackDown episode where things are sure to be volatile.

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