CPAC: Senator Jacinta Price tells conference about when Penny Wong fled the Senate

An indigenous senator has sensationally targeted the Albanian government for being “sycophant and spineless” in a speech where she also launched complaints against Penny Wong, transgender activists and fat people.

The country’s Liberal Party Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price took the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Sydney on Saturday, promising to stand up for “common sense” in the Federal Parliament.

The Warlpiri-Celtic devoted much of its speech to criticizing the Albanian government’s plan for a voice in parliament which it said was an attempt to create “racial separatism”.

She took particular aim at Foreign Secretary Wong who she said was being hypocritical earlier this week when she said she had been “triggered” by Pauline Hanson’s comments telling another senator to “fuck Pakistan”.

“Despite lecturing on the floor of the Senate about what we Native people really mean while mocking me and our good friend and fellow hypocrite Senator Thorpe for calling out Wong for trying to paint both of us with the same brush because we are Indigenous,” said Senator Prince.

“I told her, I don’t think she liked it very much… at some point maybe we have to co-design an Asian voice in parliament.

“So policies that affect Asian Australians can be their responsibility and whenever I need expert advice on how to better improve Wong’s life, I can consult the Asian voice.”

During a subsequent panel with Warren Mundine, the former Coalition candidate and Labor Party chairman, and academic Anthony Dillon, Senator Price said the vote was a “terrible idea”.

Senator Price is one of 11 First Nations members of Australia’s 47th Parliament.

During her speech at the CPAC forum, she bragged about a moment during fellow Indigenous Senator Jana Stewart’s speech in which she said Australia suffered from a racial divide.

“I thought thank you Lord for strategically placing me after my Labor colleague to deliver my first speech. There couldn’t be a better contrast,” she said.

“There is no better way for me to announce to this woke, sycophant and unabashed Labor Government that their statements have been made out of fantasies and lies.”

Senator Wong fled the chamber quickly after Senator Price’s inaugural address in a sign that she “managed to get under” her skin, she said.

“His lock from the Senate floor and through the door to avoid following Senate tradition, mind you,” the senator added.

His speech touched on a lot of the talking points among conservatives lately, denouncing the left-wing ideology of body positivity for being in direct contrast to trans activists who advocate “playing God” and “surgically removing healthy body parts.

Senator Price was the opening address for a line-up that featured fellow senators Matt Canavan and Alex Antic and former prime ministers Tony Abbott and John Howard.

Former Queensland Senator Amanda Stoker, former Government Minister Gary Hardgrave were also announced as speakers.

Former Sky News host and MP Ross Cameron and Mark Latham, now a member of the One Nation NSW Upper House, are due to address the conference on Sunday.

Originally published as ‘Fantasies and lies’: Indigenous Senator Jacinta Price brags about when Wong fled the Senate

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