Closing ceremony and international conference of the project for strengthening democratic culture in basic education

Closing ceremony of the Project on “Strengthening democratic culture in basic education »funded by the European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe (CoE), and implemented in cooperation by the Ministry of National Education (MoNE) and the CoE was organized on 21 September 2022 in Ankara.

The meeting began with opening speeches by Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director of European Affairs; Ambassador Mr. Nikolaus Meyer Landrut, Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey; Mr. Tuncay Morkoç, Director General of Basic Education of MoNE; Mr. Barbaros Murat Köse, Acting Director of the Central Finance and Contracts Unit (CFCU); and Ms Sarah Keating, Head of CoE Co-operation and Capacity Building Division.

During his opening speech, Ambassador Kaymakci expressed his satisfaction with the results of the Project and recalled the importance of the culture of democracy in the development of societies.

During his opening speech, Ambassador Landrut, underlined the importance of the work carried out in the field of education and declared that they would continue to support this field.

Mr. Morkoç, during his opening speech, said that the activities carried out by the project, such as the development of skills for democratic culture, the increase in children’s participation, the involvement of parents in the processes , capacity building for teachers and school administrators, were well received in the field, and that efforts will be made by the Ministry to disseminate these results.

Ms Sarah Keating, representing the Council of Europe, informed the audience of the work of the CoE in the field of education and recalled the importance of continuing the ongoing co-operation with the MoNE.

Conference participants included provincial directors of education from the 10 pilot provinces, teachers and school administrators from the project’s 110 pilot schools, representatives of public institutions and NGOs, as well as national and international experts.

To include an international perspective, representatives of various educational projects implemented by the CoE, as well as officials from the Ministries of Education of CoE member states were also invited, and participants exchanged experiences regarding examples of practice in different countries.

During the afternoon sessions, two separate panels were held on the whole school model and teacher trainings, where panelists discussed different work being done in this area both in Turkey and in other countries. other CoE member states. During the discussions, the participants shared different practices in the field of education and learned about the details of democratic school culture and the Reference Framework of Competences for a Democratic Culture of the Council of Europe.

The Project for Strengthening Democratic Culture in Basic Education

The project aims to integrate a democratic school culture that corresponds to universal fundamental values ​​as well as fundamental rights and freedoms in the Turkish national education system. The four components of the project – policy recommendations, teaching materials, Capacity Building and democratic school culture – joined the “Council of Europe”Reference framework of competences for a democratic culture», the conceptual model of the skills needed to participate effectively in a culture of democracy

For more details, you can visit the project webpage.

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