Blackford edges Labor in conference speech calling opposition to referendum an ‘insult’

The attack followed deputy party leader Keith Brown opening the SNP conference by saying ‘Labour is as Trumpian as the Tories’ on independence.

Mr Blackford, attacked Labor as a ‘party supporting Brexit, denying democracy, favoring the Tories’.

The attacks on Labor have been intensified by the SNP following a resurgence in the polls of advances of up to 33 points for Labor following the appointment of Liz Truss as Prime Minister.

In his opening speech, the leader of the party at Westminster said: ‘When it comes to Brexit, I’m afraid I can only think of one phrase more ridiculous than the Conservatives’ ‘Get Brexit Done’, and that’s Labour’s new slogan – Make Brexit Work.

“Never before have so few words had so little meaning.

“The full conversion of Labor to the Brexit Conservative Party is a betrayal of working people in Scotland and across the UK.”

He added: “Labour’s position is not just an insult to us all, it is an insult to the many Scottish Labor voters who also believe in independence.”

Ian Blackford, SNP Westminster Leader at the SNP Conference at Event Complex Aberdeen (TECA) in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Mr Blackford also took aim at the Prime Minister and Chancellor, saying they had made the ‘worst first impression’ in the history of British politics.

He added that the mini-budget, which forced a £65billion intervention from the Bank of England, would be seen as “one of the worst financial interventions in modern history”.

The SNP figure said: ‘It turns out the new Tory plan is the same as the old Tory plan, Austerity 2.0.

“Their Chancellor even had the nerve to say that the immorality at the heart of his budget was just a ‘distraction’.

“It is now a broken and broken Britain. Your homes, your pensions, your income are not safe under the control of Westminster.

“It’s a cost, a risk, a price that Scotland can no longer afford to pay.”

“Let’s never allow them to control our lives and our future again,” he added.

“Not for a term, not even for a decade.

“Let’s make sure we win our independence and finally get rid of the Tory governments in Westminster for good.”

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