Ancol Confirmed as Jakarta E-Prix Venue for June 2022 | Formula E

After considering five optional seats, Ancol was ultimately chosen as the venue for the Jakarta E-Prix for June 2022.

This was confirmed at a press conference attended by Formula E Jakarta 2022 Organizing Committee Chairman Ahmad Sahroni, PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) Managing Chairman Widi Amanasto and PT Pembangunan Managing Chairman. Jaya Ancol Tbk. Teuku Sahir Syahali.

In the case which took place on Wednesday morning Indonesian time, Sahroni said there were several factors that made Ancol the chosen venue.

Although there are many iconic places in Jakarta such as Monas (National Monument), Gelora Bung Karno Stadium or Sudirman Business District, Ancol is located in the north of the city, and therefore the event would not interfere not with the daily activities of the public like other local nominees, who are located in the heart of the capital.

“For the Formula E event, God willing, will be held in June on the basis of a joint decision and assessment by the FEO (Formula E Operations) and the FIA ​​(Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile). ), the place was chosen, it is in the region of Ancol, north of Jakarta, ”Sahroni said.

“There are several things that we take into consideration, such as iconic locations in Jakarta, and also in accordance with OEM and FIA standards. In addition, other considerations do not disturb public facilities.

“As we all know, if it takes place in the Gelora Bung Karno or Sudirman area, it will need a closure for several days, and that is certainly not possible. Likewise in Monas.”

Sahroni also explained that the Jakarta E-Prix circuit will soon be built to OEM and FIA specifications, with a target for completion in April 2022, or two months before the event.

“The E-Prix track is a road track, so the specifications are similar to normal public roads. The location for making tracks is relatively solid and level, so that track work can be done quickly. In addition, the paddock, stage and grandstand are semi-permanent, so it only takes a month to set up and demolish, ”he continued.

A quick look at the Jakarta E-Prix track

Located in the Ancol Carnival Beach area, the Jakarta International E-Prix Circuit has a clockwise route with a total length of 2.4 kilometers, a width of 12 meters and a line length. 600 m straight.

What makes it different from most Formula E tracks is the layout, unlike the stop-and-go layout, the Jakarta International E-Prix Circuit has a fluid characteristic with the majority of its 18 corners being high speed.

This would provide a more dynamic racing outlook, while simultaneously reducing the passing points that typically occur in slow corners.

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