Adbi Markaz holds 13th annual conference in Sopore

Rafiabad, November 21: Rafiabad Adbi Markaz, (RAAM) founded in 1987, held its 13th annual conference on Sunday at Kashmir Women’s College in Sopore city, Baramulla district, north Kashmir.

According to a statement, Judge Bashir Kirmani presided over the ceremony while Professor Faruq Fayyaz, Professor Bashar Bashir, Professor Ismail and Vice President Syed Akhtar, as well as RAAM boss Dr Rafeeq Masoodi, former AMK President Faruq Rafiabadi and President RAAM Shabnum Gulzar shared the dice. .

The statement indicates that Dr Rafeeq Masoodi delivered a keynote address and that Shabnum Gulzar welcomed the galaxy of writers.

“Five books by Mirdardpuri, Bashir Chirag, Qazi Gulshan and Dr Ahmad Manzur were also launched on this occasion. The annual RAAM Bargh-i-Danish, Bargh-i-Eesar and Bargh-i-Rafiadad awards were also presented by Judge Kirmani to Shabir Ahmad Shabeer, the late Atiqa Bano alias Behenji and GM Tawheedi for their immense contribution to culture. artistic and language. , “it reads.

On the sidelines of the conference, a poetic symposium was also held in which Hassan Azhar, Tariq A Tariq, Nazir Sagar, Gulamir Laduri, Shekh Jurrat, Javed Iqbal, Parvaiz Amin and Hasan Darvesh participated.

In his speech, Judge Kirmani praised Rafiabad Adbi Markaz and said he was making history in literary activities.

Professor Fayyaz said that RAAM is a factory of creative writers whose language is proud of poets like Shahnaz Rashid, Nisar Azam, Shabnum Gulzar, Shabir Ahmad Shabir, Ammadar and the highly acclaimed administrator writer Dr Rafeeq Masoodi. Professor Bashar Bashir congratulated all the award winners and RAAM for their literary activities.

The statement said that Ali Shaida, President Maraz Adbi Sangam, in his telephone message congratulated RAAM on holding the conference and was sad due to the indisposition that he could not be physically there.

The event took place under the patronage of Adbi Markaz Kamraz as part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations which last throughout the year.

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