5,000 people turned up at PM Narendra Modi’s gathering place in Ferozepur: The Tribune India

Vishav Bharti

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, January 5

The state unit of the BJP had claimed that five lakhs would show up at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in Ferozepur, but it could barely muster 5,000 people, which turned out to be a big embarrassment for the party. saffron.

The BJP had claimed to have organized 3,200 buses to transport people from across the state to the gathering place in Ferozepur. The state leadership allocated buses to each party official. Some constituencies received around 60 buses.

From 3,200 buses to just 500

  • The BJP claimed to have organized 3,200 buses to transport people
  • The leadership allocated buses to each party official
  • Detecting a lukewarm response, BJP reduced the number of buses
  • The on-site parking arrangement has been reduced to just 500 buses

However, sensing a lukewarm response ahead of the PM’s rally, the party began to cut back on the number of buses that needed to be put into service – so much so that parking at the rally site was reduced to just 500 buses.

The peasant organizations had been preparing for a strong opposition for several days. They made announcements from the village gurdwaras, asking people not to attend the rally. The cold snap and the downpours added to the woes of the BJP.

As a result, the lukewarm response was all too visible on Wednesday morning. The party was unable to collect enough numbers to fill the buses to their optimum capacity. “Even the party leaders could not get much help from the workers,” said a senior leader of the BJP kisan morcha.

The BJP claimed that buses were prevented from reaching the location. Sources, however, claim that the buses were indeed stopped, but the number fell far short of the 3,000 buses claimed by the party.

Of the 65,000 chairs arranged for the rally, 30,000 were turned upside down. About 5,000 chairs were occupied. The canceled rally allowed the sidelined leaders to question the main rally and party organizers for placing undue importance on defectors. BJP general secretary Jiwan Gupta, who was in charge of the rally, could not be contacted despite repeated attempts.

Last week, BJP head of state Ashwani Sharma told a press conference that the party would bring together five lakhs for the rally and that it would be one of the largest rallies in the history of the Punjab.

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